BL Mania #1: Nakamura Shungiku

Which BL maniacs do not recognize Nakamura Shungiku, the author of best-selling BL manga, Junjou Romantica? Even if you don’t recognize this name, as a BL lover you surely wouldn’t have miss Junjou Romantica. Anyways, enough about Junjou Romantica, instead, I’m gonna write about my favourite Nakamura Shungiku works (besides Junjou).

Hybrid Child

Hybrid Child Cover If you’re gonna read this one, you had better get your hankies or Kleenex ready as this one doesn’t end in a good note. Right. It’s heart-wrenching and I do really feel for the characters. To think that a simple manga can actually move me to tears (especially the last three chapters), the author has to be one hell of a story teller.

Story 1 features Koutarou and his Hybrid Child, Hazuki. The bond that these two shares will certainly touch your heart. When Hazuki collapsed, Koutarou was told by Kuroda, the maker of HCs that Hazuki’s lifespan is running out and that he should just get a new one, a better model which is much easier to maintain to which he replied “I don’t want a new one!! I’m happy with just Hazuki!”

Story 2 is yet another story of an HC and its master. The HC decided to stick with its master through and through whether it is rain or shine. Despite that its master is now a blind man, the HC still continue to stay by his side…

Now, story 3 is a heart wrenching one so you had better get your hankies ready…

This time around, it’s the story of Kuroda, the maker of HCs and his love that ended in a tragic manner which inspires him to create HCs. As you can probably guess, his love ended with his lover’s death…

My Thoughts: In my opinion, Hybrid Child is the best shounen-ai manga as it is. Seriously, do give this a shot especially if you’re a fan of Junjou Romantica.

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

sekaiichi hatsukoi coverAs far as I know, this one is based on a novel by Fujisaki Miyako (illustrations by Nakamura Shungiku) and it’s a 2-volume manga with the first one focusing on Onodera Ritsu and his first love.

Onodera Ritsu is an heir of a publishing company and because of that, to outsiders it would seem that he’s without talent and just relying on his family name. Being hot-blooded (and not without talent I suppose) he quit his job at his father’s publishing company and venture out on his own to prove his worth. His interest has always been literature and back when he was still at his father’s company, he has been in charge with literary works; and to his horror, he is assigned to the shoujo manga department at his new workplace. To make the situation even worse, his boss is none other than his first love from high school, Takano as he will find out later on…

It’s really amusing how Onodera is trying his hardest to deny his feelings towards Takano as Takano tries his best to win back Onodera’s heart. Lol.

My Thoughts: This one looks promising to me. Too bad that there’s only one chapter is released so far (and it’s only 1/2 of the chapter). I just can’t wait to read on that I downloaded the RAW versions. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon the translation for the first volume. If you would like to find out how the rest of the story goes, go HERE for the translations.


She has other older works to date and they are mostly historical pieces with emphasis on samurais. I read them all anyways and they were good but not as good as Junjou and the abovementioned titles. Enough said.


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