[Manga] Say “I Love You” by Hazuki Kanae

Say “I Love You” is probably Hazuki Kanae’s work that I like best. I’ve read her other works but in the end, I still can’t say that I like them nor would I say that they are for keeps. Say “I Love You”, however, doesn’t fall into the same category as Hazuki’s other works, at least for me, if you get what I mean.


Say I Love You Volume 1 Cover Mei Tachibana has been a loner for as long as she can remember due to trust issues that she has with people in general. She doesn’t make friends as she believes that even the people that you call friends would betray you at some point. One can’t blame her though, if you know her history.

When she was in elementary school, she was betrayed countless times by her so-called friends. Children can be cruel to each other, don’t you think? As it is, her class was put in charge of taking care of a rabbit. The rabbit died and the whole class placed the blame on innocent Mei and as a result, she was punished for something that she didn’t do.

She was resolute in being invisible for the rest of her high school life, but fate however, has something else in store for her…

Yamato Kurosawa is the “it-guy” in school. He’s good-looking, friendly, outgoing, and popular among girls in the school. Rumour has it that he has kissed every girl in the school.

One day, as he was walking up the stairs, his friend Nakanishi decided to get cheeky by pulling Mei’s skirt as she was in front of them. As a reflex, Mei kicked Kurosawa who was behind her by mistake and a great kick at that. That was their first encounter, albeit not in the best circumstances.


Lets see, artwork’s nice, interesting storyline and characters. Most importantly, Mei Tachibana, the main character of this manga isn’t an airhead like most shoujo manga’s female lead. She may be a cynic in the beginning but ever since she met Kurosawa, she began to open up little by little and she falls for him eventually. Mei’s definitely one of my favourite female manga character.

Say “I Love You” is definitely for keeps. Am anticipating the day when Mei finally says “I Love You” to Kurosawa 🙂


2 thoughts on “[Manga] Say “I Love You” by Hazuki Kanae

  1. Amy says:

    I agree, it’s for keeps! I found the artwork charming and unique, and the story is sweet! I feel that I understand Mei because we are so alike, and Kurosawa reminds me of my guy best friend- its fun to see the similarities x) I think this manga deserves more love, since it’s only 17 chapters long and continuing. though it has a bit of maturity, I recommend it as much as you do 🙂

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