[J-Drama] BOSS

I think BOSS is the first j-drama focusing on cops that I watched and it’s good although it’s nothing like the American ones.

From DramaWiki:

This series revolves around a group of peculiar detectives in a new division created to fight against an increase in atrocious crimes. Osawa Eriko is a beautiful career woman who has just returned from training in the U.S. and is appointed as the "boss" of this division. But despite her intelligence and capabilities, she can never understand a man’s heart, so she remains unable to find a husband. In fact, her assignment in the U.S. was really a demotion after she ruined her career track over a man. So why was she chosen as the boss of the new division? Even though the detectives are talented, they all have some kind of issue or flaw, and they are considered to be the "problem children" of the police force. In the end, the division’s true purpose is just to isolate these problematic detectives. –Tokyograph

My Thoughts:

BOSS revolves mainly in detective work as well as profiling as a method of catching criminals; nothing CSI-ish here. Bear in mind though, nothing is what it seems in this series…unexpected twists happen; when you think that this person is definitely the baddie but it turned out that it’s someone else. To think that I held the notion that Nodate is the baddie until the very end when it turned out that he’s just baiting the real badass out.

Each member of the team have their own inner demon to fight – Katagiri was an outstanding cop, that is until he fell so hard because he killed a person by mistake and ever since then he refused so much as to hold a pistol in his hand; Kimoto Mami was part of the forensics team (I think) before she join the countermeasure team. Even then, she wasn’t motivated to do her job and was constantly spotted sleeping on job; Hanagata is a rookie cop; Iwai is a homosexual who apparently is into Nodate and Katagiri (haha!) and later decides that Eriko is manly enough for him that he might just change his orientation (LOL!); As for Yamamura, he was formerly a traffic police, a clumsy one who never fails to forget to bring his bag or leave his bag handle somewhere, also weak against beauties and appears to be balding.

These so-called problematic police officers are lumped together as part of the newly-formed countermeasure team lead by Eriko. It may seem that the division’s real purpose is to isolated problematic detectives but at the end of the series, it is revealed that this division was just formed for the purpose of hiding corruption money. The higher-ups expect this team to fail miserably, but these team of underdogs continue to strive under the leadership of their boss, Eriko and emerged as triumphant winners in the end. If there is a will, there is a way indeed.

It is said that Eriko was demoted because of a man. Later on, we viewers were introduced to Ikegami Hiroshi who appears to be Eriko’s boyfriend. Here’s the catch: he does not know that Eriko is a cop. Apparently, he hated cops since his younger brother was falsely accused of being a member of a terrorist group. As much as her boyfriend hates the cops, I feel that Eriko should be honest with him so as to make the relationship works but still, he found out about it through the news. As expected, this doesn’t go well with him and they broke up.

So, do I love this or hate this? Probably somewhere in the middle. While I like the fast-paced series, I can’t help but feel that some of the scenes doesn’t seem to realistic. And then, doesn’t it looks as if that Nodate and Eriko have a thing going on? I can’t help but wondering if they are (or were) together…after I watched the final episode, I came to a conclusion that their relationship was merely that of a friend and colleague. Nothing more. Too bad though ‘cos I can see great chemistry between them. Heck, I had even thought that perhaps, just perhaps that Katagiri might just have a thing for Eriko. Haha! Me and my pairings.

Again, why do I even watch this? It’s the feminist in me, that’s what! A woman detective and the leader of a team to boot. She’s strong, intelligent, has good leadership quality in her (else, how did she make her seemingly “useless” team members improve?), and she’s not afraid to voice out her opinion. In the world dominated by men, we really do need women like her (although she’s just a work of fiction). Oops, I have gone off-topic. Before I delve any further into it, I’d better sign off now…ciao!


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