[BL Manga] Love Pistols

Love Pistols is one of those manga with misleading cover art and in this case, instead of bishounens gracing the cover, we get a macho-looking man with a feline; not exactly a love at first sight for me. And oh, if you’re expecting lots of smexy actions, be prepared to be let down. Despite the title “Sex Pistols” (original name of the Japanese version), we don’t get to see much of those. Still, if you look pass its not-so-appealing cover art and lack of “action”, you will notice that the storyline itself is unique and somewhat interesting.

Still, despite the negative reactions that it may have gotten for the cover art, those who have actually read it gave well-deserved raving reviews. That’s what prompted me to give it a shot and once I started reading (since I had nothing better to do then), I couldn’t stop until I reached the final available chapter.


From Baka-Updates:

People are starting to act very odd around Norio. This average, normal boy is suddenly getting a lot of unwanted romantic attention and he can’t figure out why! A broken leg and a fall down the stairs into the arms of a handsome stranger set off the beginnings of an explanation, and it is one Norio never could have possibly imagined. Soon a whole new world opens up for Norio, revealing a secret society of special people evolved from animals other than monkeys. This society has a complex structure and its members are ranked by rarity and desirability, and it turns out that Norio is a particularly rare breed and his DNA is in much demand! How will he survive in this modern jungle where he’s suddenly the prey?

Love Pistols Volume 1 Cover


My Thoughts:

Who knew that males could get pregnant, well, at least in Love Pistols’ universe. To bear a child, there is a need for uterus. In Love Pistol, to get a man pregnant, a temporary uterus is created within the man by implanting a certain bacteria (don’t remember exactly what). Weird…but a refreshing read. LOL. And it’s never short of funny moments.

Artwork’s so-so, but the interesting plot makes up for the mediocre art and lack of “action”. Not exactly a keeper for me but I enjoyed it at first read.

On another note, there’s gonna be an OVA adaptation based on the manga series set to be released this year. From the looks of it, the artwork is so much better than the manga. Am definitely looking forward for this one 🙂


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