[Manga] Fujoshi Kanojo

I’m a self-professed fujoshi, that is to say that I’m an avid reader of yaoi mangas; heck, I even pictured Hibari and Rokudo (of Katekyo Hitman Reborn fandom) together as they fought on screen and my imagination would run wild as Hibari attempts to bite Rokudo to death (lol). Of course, all the impure thoughts I had had to be kept to myself. Guys would run off upon discovering my otaku nature, much less a fujoshi. At times like these, I wish that I’m as lucky as Yuiko whose boyfriend, Taiga is nice enough to put up with her fujoshi nature to the extent of writing a BL novel just to satisfy her fujoshi whim.


Fujoshi Kanojo

It was a love at first sight for Taiga who was looking for part time jobs at that time. Yuiko was standing there talking to someone but that beautiful sight of her is enough to make Taiga decide to apply for the part time job at the same workplace as her. And when he gathered enough courage to confess to her, Yuiko simply agreed but as if in warning, she told him that she’s a fujoshi to which Taiga replied, “OK” without knowing what does the term “fujoshi” really means. From that point onwards, expect more hilarities as Taiga learn the meaning of “fujoshi” in many ways thanks to his girlfriend, a self-professed fujoshi.

The story is told from Taiga’s point of view as a boyfriend of a self-professed fujoshi. The fujoshi in question is Yuiko whom he fell in love at first sight with. One can assume that he truly love Yuiko as he put up with all her crazy ideas as she “hooked” him up with some guy and declares him as an uke. Haha. It was hilarious all right! And on top of that, she even came up with several nicknames for him such as Sebasu (short for Sebastian?). And to think that she managed to convince him to write a BL novel…it’s either that she has a powerful persuasive powers or Sebasu, oops, Taiga the one who’s being a nice boyfriend.

As expected of a yaoi fangirl, Yuiko even paired him up with his best friend (who is also not bad looking, in my opinion) and she even say it out loud to him (Taiga). Lol. Even if she didn’t come up with that pairing, I would have seeing as Shinba Rize usually does yaoi works. Can’t help seeing guys as potential pairs when I see one in her mangas.

Hmm…it makes me wonder what would happen to Yuiko if she were to lose Taiga to some guy…


Fujoshi Kanojo is indeed an interesting manga, with an unusual twist. A refreshing change, I would say after reading one too many shoujo. I do however admit that this one has a bit of shoujo (or maybe next to none) but how often do you come across a manga where the main character is a male who happens to have a rabid yaoi fangirl for a girlfriend? And plus, I must say that this manga is quite educational to those who aren’t familiar with the otaku scene, or fujoshi for that matter as the author uses quite a number of otaku terms but thankfully explanations were provided at the end of chapter (or was it provided by the scanlation team?). To be honest, before I read this I never knew that there is a specific term to address females who are into yaoi.

Reading Fujoshi Kanojo made me wish that I have a boyfriend as understanding as Taiga who even went through lengths to come up with a BL novel on his girlfriend’s request. Then again, I doubt that men like Taiga exists in the real world. Oh well, I ain’t taking my chances by revealing the fact that I enjoy reading yaoi mangas to my potential guy on our first meet :p

My final verdict: nice artwork, interesting plotline, humour, lovable characters – Fujoshi Kanojo is indeed a gem, at least for me.


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