[Manga] Flat by Aogiri Natsu

Flat (Aogiri Natsu)

Heisuke is one heck of a irresponsible person. As a student, he skipped classes but it appears that Home Economics is his favourite class since he love eating sweets and all. His irresponsibility didn’t even change when his mom made him babysit his toddler cousin, Aki. A normal person wouldn’t leave a toddler alone at home but Heisuke did just that seeing as Aki seems obedient and expressionless he figured that nothing will happen if he go out just a little bit. Well, nothing bad happen, instead, when he got home Heisuke found Aki scrubbing and cleaning the bathtub (it was an adorable sight…haha). Too bad for him that his mom got home just in time to see that (LOL!).

Aki is just a nice kid. He hates to inconvenience others and as such, he always put other before himself and he would never say what he really want. Never once he became selfish or complain if he didn’t get his way or even when his dad change the TV channel. All that changes (in a good way) when he start spending time with Heisuke. And most importantly, little Aki is soooooo freaking adorable!!!! Aki’s cute moments: He got all brighten up when Heisuke offers him cupcakes and blushes when Heisuke asked him if he would like another one; he calls Heisuke “oniisan”; Aki shyly asked Heisuke if he could have a sleepover at his place (Heisuke’s); and he’s especially cute when he hesitated whether to hold Heisuke’s hand when they were outside (ohmigosh, the sight of Aki’s small hand holding on to Heisuke’s large hand is adorable!).

Flat reminds me of Usagi Drop by Unita Yumi and Sahara Mizu’s My Girl. I wouldn’t go as far as comparing them. As similar as they may seem, I wouldn’t say which is a better read than the other as they all shine in their own way – I like them all just the same and they are my favourites as well.

What I like about Flat:

  • it’s full of awwww-worthy moments,
  • heart-warming that leaves you feeling all fuzzy,
  • artwork’s nice – it gives off a mellow feeling or whatever you would call it,
  • and the main selling point: little Aki’s cuteness.

I only have one question in regards of Flat: why the title “Flat”?

P.S.:I do have a toddler for a cousin but we were not as close as Aki and Heisuke. He can be cute but he never fails to get into my nerves. How nice if he has tiny bit of little Aki’s quality in him~


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