KHR Ep. 147: First Appearance of Arcobaleno Fong aka Hibari lookalike

Remember the time when I-Pin always transforms into a mini ticking bomb whenever she sees Hibari? Lol. It’s probably because she’s crushing on Hibari who looks a lot like her master, Fong who is also an Arcobaleno.

I have always wonder how I-Pin’s master looks like and finally, he made an appearance in KHR’s episode 147. Lo and behold, Fong in Arcabaleno form looks awfully like a chibi version of Hibari. Haha. Adorably cute and looks cuddly.

Left: Hibari, Right: Fong

Fong is one of the strongest and toughest to beat and not to mention fast (hence, the name Fong which means wind in Chinese). It makes me wonder what would the outcome be should he and Hibari (who would go on being the strongest of the Vongola guardians 10 years later) go head-to-head…

Adult Fong resembles Hibari even more, don’t you think so?

Image source: Reborn Wiki.


14 thoughts on “KHR Ep. 147: First Appearance of Arcobaleno Fong aka Hibari lookalike

  1. Talon says:

    Hibari and Fong do look amazingly similar, and though it may be a wild theory, I would like to think that are related somehow, like maybe distant cousins or something…

  2. kook says:

    Fong is to old to be hibari’s cousin, maybe his grandpa’s brother or something. And ipin likes hibari cuz he looks like fong <.<

  3. soi milk says:

    i memba seein a episode when ryohei gave i-pin the doll of her master and she said…. master hibari. so im thinkin maybe his name is fong hibari

  4. nightfox says:

    I doubt that Fong and Hibari are related at all. It’s probably just a coincidence that they both look alike.

    As for his name, I’m not quite sure on that but I don’t think it’s Fong Hibari. Calling him Master Hibari is probably just as a form of respect in I-Pin’s part.

  5. RegalPanther says:

    Fong and Hibari aren’t related at all…I think…
    Anyway, as an Arcobaleno, Fong has a companion, right? Reborn has Leon, Viper has Fantasma, and so on. So what’s Fong’s monkey’s name?

    • nightfox says:

      I don’t think that Fong’s monkey’s name is ever mentioned (as of current), at least in the anime and I don’t read the manga so, I’m not sure if its name is ever mentioned there either.

  6. maybe the writers were just to lazy to make a new char so they just used a chibi version of hibari so they kinda look alike but not to similar and so it seems that they are diff chars

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