[Movie] Blood: The Last Vampire

Finally I got around watching Blood despite the negative reviews that it receives and the reviews were right after all.


Saya looks like any other ordinary teenagers on the outside but in truth, she’s actually a couple of century-old halfling, born from a vampire mother and a human father who was murdered by the former apparently.

She’s an immortal, yes and it has been her lifelong mission to seek out Onigen and kill her for reasons only known to her.  She assists the CIA (yes, it’s the America’s CIA) in a classified mission to kill bloodsucking monsters roaming around the streets as she’s probably the one and only “weapon” they have against such monsters. You see, Saya’s “halfling” blood is lethal against those monsters. When asked if she was working for the CIA she simply denied – she’s helping the CIA by exterminating the bloodsuckers and in turn, the CIA helped her by bringing Onigen to her.


The visual effects are no doubt computer generated but not without flaws. I’m not too sure if it was intended to be that way but as Saya slices through those bloodsuckers instead of blood spurting out, we see droplets of blood spurting out which looks tad unnatural to me. As for the fighting scene in the jungle between Saya’s old retainer and a bunch of assassins, it looks as though it comes right out of a Chinese Kung-fu flick…Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, anyone? Hmm…isn’t the setting’s Japan?

The final battle scene between Saya and Onigen is much hyped…overhyped, if I may say so myself. It wasn’t as epic as what I had thought when I first saw the trailer.

Overall, the movie is just so-so. Don’t think I’d ever watch it for the second time.  The anime series Blood+ is good though but that’s a another story.

Note to self: must watch the anime movie version by Production I.G. someday.


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