[Manga] Kimi no Iru Machi

Again, considering that I’m not too fond of ecchi I’m amazed that I’m now hooked on yet another of Seo Kouji’s work which has few doses of ecchi-ness here and there. Well, I do like his oneshots (Half & Half, Love Letter) and with that thought in mind I figure, why not check out his latest work…


Kimi no Iru Machi

The story is told from Kirishima Haruto’s perspective and it basically focuses on the development of his relationship with Eba Yuzuki who had just moved to the rural countryside from Tokyo.

Haruto was crushing on Kanzaki Nanami, his classmate but he never have the guts to tell her how he really feels about her and when he finally did, Nanami rejected his confession with the reason being she didn’t feel like dating anyone at that moment. But for some reason, she changed her mind and asked him to wait for her answer. When she was about to give her “yes” to Haruto’s confession, changed her mind again and this time she has truly reject Haruto as it appears that Haruto cares for Yuzuki a lot more than what he thinks. Just imagine this: a guy whom you think have the hots for you who blew off a date with you and went all the way to Tokyo (considering that Haruto is a countryboy from Hiroshima) with another girl. What’s more, the girl in question is living in his house! Then again, I doubt that Nanami really does feel something for him and like Haruto’s sister Aoi  put it, Nanami simply thought of Haruto as some sort of her “safety net”, that is to say that Haruto belongs to her but they are not in that kind of relationship. As a girl, I can’t accept that…heck, let him go if you don’t feel anything for him and don’t act like you own him…

Well, Haruto did realise his true feelings towards Yuzuki later in the story but all is not smooth falling for him before that could happen. Obstacle come in the form of Nanami’s older brother, Kanzaki-sempai who seems to have taken a liking for Yuzuki and added to the mix is Haruto’s bespectacled classmate who misunderstood thinking that Haruto’s having a thing for her. It all ends well though and as of chapter 59, as she was about to leave on train for Tokyo, Yuzuki agreed to have a long distance relationship with Haruto even though she disagreed at first. A long distance relationship, eh? Oh dear…I sense drama here…


I was literally screaming at Haruto “hey, c’mon! You’re really in love with Yuzuki, you dope!” and I was especially annoyed when I found out that Nanami was probably treating Haruto as a “safety net”. And even though it ends well with Yuzuki and Haruto having a long distance relationship, I can sense storm coming their way =.= I hope that it’s not in the form that would make me lose interest in this series.

To be honest, I only started reading this series because it happens to be one the most popular series on Mangafox. Then, halfway through the first chapter of this series, I started reading Half & Half which is Seo Kouji’s debut work and I like it. Most recently (which was yesterday), I read his tragic-themed oneshot, Love Letter which is set during the WW2 and centered on a couple who have to part because the guy has been drafted to join the army but that’s another story…

So, what do I like about this series? Lets see…realistic story with realistic setting, nice drawing (his characters are drawn rather nicely) and best of all it doesn’t contain too MUCH drama like most shoujo mangas have (I can’t stand dramas!).  There are few ecchi moments, that’s for sure but not too excessive which is still bearable for me.

And oh, Seo Kouji is famous for his other work, Suzuka and according to Wikipedia, Kimi no Iru Machi is set in the same universe as Suzuka (sort of a minor crossover). Whether or not I would read Suzuka depends on how this series go…on second thought, I think I’ll give Suzuka a shot once this series is completed.

Ciao for now!


2 thoughts on “[Manga] Kimi no Iru Machi

  1. ASD says:

    I suggest you go read Suzuka right away ….
    It’ll be one of the best you have ever read, if you happen to like Kimi no Iru Machi 😀

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