Nodame Cantabile OVA

Being a fan of Chiaki and Nodame I was met with disappointment when I watched the 1-episode OVA. Still, as a Nodame Cantabile fan, I enjoyed it nevertheless and I had a good laugh while watching the special edition OVA that was bundled together with the manga’s 22nd volume.


This time around, the center of the story isn’t Nodame or Chiaki. Remember the replacement concert conductor that Chiaki got for Rising Star Orchestra before he flew to Paris? That’s right…the main character this time around is none other than Matsuda Yukihisa. Well, in the main story nothing much is known about the reputable conductor and in this special OVA, more will be revealed on his true nature.

Matsuda is known as the youthful, dark-haired prince (or so he thought) but that is before Chiaki made his debut as a winner of Platini competition. He is indeed envious of Chiaki who is much younger than him but managed to earn his place as a conductor of the most reputable orchestra in France, Roux-Marlett compared to him who only managed to become a conductor for the lesser-known Roussel Orchestra at age of 29. He’s a womanizer without a doubt (he is indeed a reminiscent of Stresemann and he aspires to be like him someday) and he seems eccentric alright – he has a future journal that depicts all the good things that he had decidedly should happen in the future.

One thing led to another and somehow Chiaki ended up having a drink with Matsuda. They talked about the most ridiculous things and the night ended with Matsuda getting drunk. And so, Chiaki brought him back to his place while hoping that Nodame isn’t in but lo and behold she hid herself in the bathtub full of bubbles (bubble bath?) hoping to catch Chiaki unguarded and preferably naked (lol…she’s indeed a pervert). Too bad for her though, for the man who entered the bathroom isn’t Chiaki but Matsuda who had wanted to ease himself…hilarity ensues with them screaming their lungs out at each other.


He then left Chiaki’s place and appears to be walking home hoping to reconcile with his ex as he called her using his cellphone. As expected, he was dumped for the second time. More “misfortune” follows when he “bumped” into Takahashi (he could have followed him for all we know), one of the member of Rising Star Orchestra in which he is a conductor back in Japan. If I remember correctly, Takahashi used to have a crush on Chiaki (yes, he’s gay) and was pursuing Chiaki relentlessly. Looks like he had found himself a new target (lol).

And so, the OVA ended with Matsuda spending the night with Takahashi or rather, we viewers were given the impression that Takahashi is gonna have his way with Matsuda and as on what’s gonna happen next were left to our imaginations (the fujoshi in me thinks that Matsuda is gonna be raped by


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