[BL Manga] Otona no Mondai (Adult’s Problem)

Otona no Mondai is unlike any BL mangas that I’ve read. Heck, there’s hardly any BL scene worth drooling over at all.

Naoto was barely out of kindergarten when he first learnt the word “gay”. Back then, he didn’t know what it really meant when his mom told him that his parents are getting a divorce and it’s all because his dad is gay all along.

Fast forward a couple of years later, Naoto is now a college student. He’s all stressed out from concealing the secret behind his parents divorce from everyone he knows, including the girl he was crushing on (who eventually became his girlfriend). He was so stressed out that his hair actually falls so much that it forms a mini golf-course at the back of his head (a man’s nightmare, I can imagine). His stress multiplies when his dad announced that he is going to marry his long-term partner, Ebi Gouro a young jewelry designer (note that “ebi” means lobster in Japanese) who is always being made fun of because of his name. The bigger joke was the fact that Naoto’s dad previous lover’s name is “crab” in Japanese. In Japan, there’s no law to accommodate gay marriage but one can adopt the other into the family so that he can take his lover’s family name. In the case of Ebi Gouro, by “marrying” into Naoto’s family means he can get rid of his funny name. Of course, their union isn’t accepted by their families. Fortunately for Naoto’s dad, his ex-wife (Naoto’s mom) seems to have accepted his homosexuality and his life partner and they even get along well considering the circumstances that they are all in.

Added into the mix is Gouro’s elder brother, Ebi Hajime who went all out in opposing the “marriage” and never fails to bicker with Naoto’s mom whenever they meet. Hajime is all about perfection; he had a perfect life that one would dream of – he was a child prodigy, went to the top university, got the perfect job at a top-class corporation, a perfect wife and a little daughter and as such, he deemed his younger brother’s being gay as an imperfection. Here’s the funny thing that happened: the constant bickering that he had with Naoto’s mom blossoms into love (which I had expected from the beginning) and they got married eventually (after he divorce his wife when their relationship turned sour due to his obsession in being perfect).

Lets see, Naoto’s dad is “married” to Ebi Gouro whose brother is now married to Naoto’s mom. How complicated and dysfunctional can his family get? This is gonna cause Naoto more headache in explaining the situation when asked, that’s for sure.


This manga deals with Naoto’s who had to come to terms with the fact that his father is a gay and is now “married” to a man who is only older than him only by few years and his struggles to keep all that a secret from everyone he knows.

One word to describe this manga: hilarious! Enough said.


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