[BL Manga] Ouchou Haru no Yoi no Romance

Just as ecchi, I’m not too fond of shotacon. As a matter of fact, I always make it a point to steer clear off this particular genre when it comes to mangas but somehow I made an exception for this one…based on the positive reviews that it receives anyway.


Ouchou Haru no Yoi no Romance

Senju was abandoned by his family at birth. Fortunately, the kind-hearted monk of the temple in which he was abandoned at brought him in and raised him as if he was his own child. He taught him calligraphy and protected him from “predators” and by predators, I meant those lecherous monks who have been eyeing him for his beauty. Yes, Senju is blessed with beauty that even surpass most girls but to him, his beauty is the source of his troubles and sexual harassments. Still, with the kind monk beside him, protecting him, no one would dare to cause harm to him openly, that is until the arrival of another monk who is set to take over the temple. This monk however, bears ill-intention towards Senju due to his resemblance to a nobleman. With his resemblance to Fujiwara Moroe, the noble in question, the new leader  intends to use Senju to gain political connections and thus, Senju is forced to flee the temple (as urged by the former temple leader who took him in).

Senju’s escape is not an easy one. He was chased by the new monk leader’s henchmen and when it seems that all hope is lost, Fujiwara Moroe, a government official saved him from being captured. Ever since then, Senju has vow to serve Moroe in return for his kindness and before he knew it, Moroe has fallen for him, vice versa.


Unlike most shotacons that I have encountered, this one leaves the biggest impression on me. It’s not PWP, and it’s not explicit or as hardcore as I had thought. The huge age gap between the two put me off at first but as the story progresses, it looks like any other love story as the love that Moroe has for Senju seems real, vice versa. Of course, none of this can be taken seriously…I can’t imagine any of that happening in real life, can you?

Apart from the who main characters (that would be Senju and Moroe), Moroe’s sidekick (sort of) and best friend (don’t remember his name) is a rather amusing character and the source of comic relief at times too. He is also a womanizer and it seems that he has also taken a liking for Senju despite the fact that Senju is a male. Me thinks that he has indeed harboured some feelings for Senju as demonstrated by his act of stealing a flower named Senju (name given by Moroe) from Moroe’s garden.

This manga has historical theme in it and a little bit of politics here and there that might turn off some readers. To me however, it’s not the politics that turn me off but those badass who preyed on cute Senju and to be honest, whenever these scenes appear I’d just quickly flip through, especially the part where Senju was recapture and withheld against his will.

Overall, it is indeed that Ouchou isn’t that bad of a shotacon but I still think that this will be the only shotacon that I will read unless there’s a shotacon manga similar to this or a better one. Is this worth another rereading? Well, not for me though…that’s all I can say.


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