Hiiro Reiichi

I’m the type of person who insist on reading a manga till the end even if it’s not to my liking (since I’ve started reading it) unless it’s really, really bad. And as of lately, I’m trying to finish off those mangas that have been sitting in my “on-hold” list for what seem like ages and that was when I noticed that I might as well finish off Hiiro Reiichi’s Me wo Tojite Oide yo. If I do remember correctly, I was quite put off with the promiscuous character in the story but since I have but remaining one chapter to go, I sucked it up and proceeded in reading it till the end. If you think that I won’t read Hiiro Reiichi’s work anymore, you’re dead wrong. For some reason, I became more interested in her other works and most of them were good.

Apron de Choushoku wo

This one is about a sempai (upperclassman, or senior) and kouhai  who bumped into each other again after many years since the sempai’s graduation.

The sempai in question, Shirakawa is just fired from his job when he bumped into Yamato, his kouhai from college. They talked and all of the sudden Yamato suggested to Shirakawa that maybe he could work as his “housewife”. Shirakawa was reluctant at first but after he met with another male housewife he figured that he might as well give it a shot. Little did he know that Yamato has been crushing on him for a long time.

It’s an interesting take on male housewife, that’s what I think. And as the title suggests (according to Baka-Updates, it means The Apron Worn For Breakfast), it has quite a lot to do with the apron. On top of that, we readers get to see Shirakawa with nothing but his apron on at some point of the story.

Hikari to Yami no Logic

Literally translated as Light versus Darkness Logic in English, Hikari to Tami no Logic showcases a lot of cosplaying detectives. Some adorable and some were just plain funny.

Sakura Kazuki has the telepathic power for as long as he can remember and if anything, he hates having that kind power which makes it difficult for him to form relationships with others. You see, unlike most telepathic powers, he can only sense negative emotions and malice emitted by others by a mere touch.

He was recruited into the police force for his telepathic power as he found out later on in the story. As part of the police force, he is partnered with Shido, an experienced detective and for some reason he cannot detect any malice from Shido at all. As partners, they often go undercover in catching criminals and as undercover detectives, he is made to cosplay as high school boy,  and even as an office lady due to his small built and baby face despite the fact that he really is a 26-year-old man.

Love Hustler

Love Hustler isn’t memorable at all, plot-wise but the “twins” part is though. Like one of the reviewer in Baka-Updates mentioned, Love Hustler plot is just plain okay, but the extra story is “mindblowing” and “hilarious”. Have to agree with the reviewer on that one. The extra is on the twins where their partners decided to conduct an experiment on how far their similarities go, in terms of love-making. Very hilarious!

Nounai Ren’ai no Susume

The theme of this manga is multiple personalities. An interesting take at that.

Yu is actually just an ordinary florist but unbeknownst to others, he has other personalities as well which include an elite lawyer, Kaname and the delinquent-like body builder, Ryo. Get this: each of his personalities have different tastes in men even though they are really just one person, Yu. Their taste clashes and thus begin a weird relationship between him and three men – Yu with the psychologist who fell in love with him, a masochist prosecutor who fell head over heels for Kaname, or rather his punches, and last but not least, Ryo and another man who also have multiple personality of his own.

As ridiculous as the story goes, I still can’t fathom the fact that those three men (for each of Yu’s personality) who agree to share their man’s body with another men. There’s only one Yu, for heaven’s sake. Either way, there’s no absolute ending as Yu retains his alter egos and each of them get to be with their respective men. It’s enjoyable nonetheless and I especially like the comical moments where the three personalities argue in Yu’s head.


Double Call is  Hiiro-sensei’s longest work spanning over 11 volumes to date and it’s still ongoing. The artwork seems rather old-ish and that’s what turned me off. Then again, it’s popular and ongoing for a good reason. Note to self: I should give it a shot when time permits…so many interesting mangas, so little time. Heck, instead of mangas, I should turn my attention to proper books once in a while.


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