[BL Manga] Naisho de Alleluya by Kamo Nabako

Hana*Koi is the first Kamo Nabako work that I read and it was quite ok though it did not leave a lasting impression on me. The artwork isn’t exactly of my taste but the storyline is interesting enough to keep me reading the series till the end and not to mention that the uke is rather cute-looking (as most of her ukes are as I had discovered later on).

Naisho de Alleluya

Shuuichiro is one of the top songwriter in town who has spawned number one hits for various Japanese idols. It is assumed that he made a lot of money from his songwriter job and that he is quite well-to-do and even has a son, Botan whom he doted upon very much. His wife, however is a no-show as a result of failed marriage and ever since then he has been a single father raising his kindergarten-going son. All hell broke lose when out of the blue, Botan brought home what he thought to be a cat, albeit a very-human looking one who turned out to be Umekichi, a man whom he had slept with previously. One thing led to another and somehow Shuu found himself allowing Umekichi to live in his house and he eventually fell for him later on despite his pride.

Umekichi however, is not who Shuu thinks he is. It turned out that Umekichi is in fact, Shizuka his cousin whom he was close to when they were kids. When the cats are out of the bag, Umekichi (or Shizuka) was fumed that Shuu actually paid him in exchange for sex earlier on. Well, who doesn’t?

The road to happiness is a bumpy one for these two lovers as Shuu kept getting jealous over whoever who dare to come on to Umekichi, more so in its sequel, Aikotoba wa Hallelujah where the pest comes in the form of Shuu’s former classmate whom he hates with all his heart. The sequel is a highly-recommended read if you enjoy this one.

Other work by Kamo Nabako that I like: Koi wa Ichiya ni Shite Narazu, about two men who work in the same company but didn’t get along with each other. One thing led to another and they found themselves on the same bed. Pure crack.


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