[Manga] The Day of Revolution

To be honest, I started off by reading Princess Princess and had I not read Princess Princess, I wouldn’t have the thought of reading this one as these two different mangas are related. The Day of Revolution is a gender bender at its best…at least that’s what I think.


Kei has always been a boy, or rather a pretty boy and seems like he’s also a delinquent together with his three best friends. His days as a boy however has fallen short as he has discovered after a medical examination that he has both female and male characteristics. He was given the option to either live on as a boy or change to a girl and he chose the latter. And so, he underwent a simple operation to complete his transformation to a girl and starts anew, come new school term with the assistance of Makoto, her doctor’s niece as a guide to being a girl.

Alas, the quiet days that Kei craves for seems far away as his delinquent friends back when she was still a “he” recognised her as the Kei that they once knew. Rather than an “emotional” reunion (Kei did left them without a word after all), it ended up with all three of them plus a certain president of the student council professing their loves for her despite her protests.

Along came Makoto’s younger brother Mikoto. The fateful encounter occurred when Kei went over to Makoto’s place to hide from those four amourous guys who vowed to made her their girl. At first she only saw Makoto as a cute younger brother and before she knew it, she has already fallen for him. Still, those four continues to chase Kei relentlessly even though she has made her feelings towards Mikoto known to them. To think that these guys actually went to the point of being “overprotective” of her even after they have graduated high school.

Take note that Mikoto appears as one of the characters in Princess Princess and yes, he is one of the school’s “princess” in the all-boys school hime (princess) system but that’s another story.


The whole gender bender thing is believable, I guess. I’ve read that there actually exists such condition where a person is born with both male and female organs. That person would have to choose to live as a male or female at some point.

And despite that most people thinks that this manga is heading towards the yaoi direction, there’s no indication that says there’s yaoi element at all and nor that there is any yuri at all. It’s purely shoujo where the main guy suddenly becomes a girl. Well, biologically, Kei did had the surgery to complete his transformation into a girl. Come to think of it, had he decided to continue living as a male, he’ll live as an incomplete male so he might as well live as a girl.


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