[Manga] Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero!

It was hate at first sight when I first read Love Celeb and on top of that, it is one of the very first smut manga that I ever read along with Desire Climax. In the case of Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero! however, it’s more of a love-hate affair – like it at first, got tired of it for a while and finally when the series is completed, I decided that perhaps I should give it another go and finish it till the end…and I did. The end result? Not so much of a hate anymore although there are some parts of the story that still displeases me.


Sakurazaka Mizuki is the prince of the prestigious St. Nobela Girls School. She’s tall (almost the same height as an average man, I presume) and manly-looking to boot (she seriously looks like a man, no kidding!). Girls in her school idolizes her and plus, she’s the guitarist of a girl-rock-band Blaue Rozen which has already gain a huge fanbase in its own right.

Shirashi Akira on the other hand, is the complete opposite of Mizuki. He attends an all-boys school known for its bad reputation and has always been targeted due to the fact that he’s prettier and cuter than some girls. It’s true that he is a man outwardly but with a feminine face and cute appearance, it’s no wonder that he would be mistaken to be a girl. Heck, I was even deceived when I first read the manga.

Akira fell in love with Mizuki at first sight when he saw her in a Blaue Rozen concert. When the band was on the verge of disbanding when their vocalist left the band, he auditioned to be the vocalist of Blau Rozen and is then accepted by the band members. The only catch is since Blau Rozen is an all-girl band, he has to disguise as a girl during their performances. Not that he minded since he’s doing it all for Mizuki. A manly girl and a girly-looking guy? That’s what I call opposites attract.

And then there’s Ran and Rui, Akira’s “bodyguards” who seem to be infatuated with his feminine looks. They may look like a pair of nutjobs but when the situation requires, they could be an asset. And since they always appear together I can’t help imagining what if they get together in a yaoi way. A wishful thinking on my part, or rather, my inner fujoshi.


I was totally fooled by the cover at first thinking that the cute and pixie-like guy is the girl and the masculine-looking blondie is the guy. Looks can be deceiving, eh?

Did I enjoy reading this? Can’t say that I love this one but it’s definitely better than Love Celeb, that much I can say. At the very least, I manage to read this to the end without getting bored or annoyed by weak female leads who don’t mind being trampled all over by the man they “love”.

There’s one thing that I can’t stand about this though. Not sure if it’s only me but for instance, as I recall, she introduces another girly-guy in a chapter as an antagonist who is all out in sabotaging the relationship between Mizuki and Akira because he has a crush on the former. To settle the dispute on whether who is a better match for Mizuki, he proposed to compete with Akira in a princess contest in which whoever gains the most vote for the better princess wins Mizuki. Well, in the end Akira loses but he still wins Mizuki. The girly-guy was last seen dancing in victory in that chapter and then he is never mentioned again although he attends the same school as Akira. It’s like he disappeared without a trace.

Note: It seems that due to the author’s relationship with the publisher has gone sour, she has switched to different publisher. As such, the series is concluded at five volumes. It’s not totally the end though as she continues the series with a sequel entitled Ai Ore! with a different publisher.


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