[Manga] Biyaku Cafe

Desire Climax is not my thing. Hate the weak-willed girl who doesn’t appear to mind with the guy trampling all over her. Just as I had decided not to read any more of the author’s work, Biyaku Cafe happened, in a good way though.


At one glance, Kaoru who is tall and lanky looks like any other bishounen except that Kaoru isn’t a he but a she. It’s understandable though since her boobs are almost non-existent and her hair is cropped short. Thanks to her bishounen looks, girls often mistaken her for a handsome guy and would pursue her relentlessly.

It so happened that she was fired from her convenience shop employer one night. A female customer hugged her (probably mistaken her for a guy) refusing to let go and when Kaoru rejected her advances, the customer claimed that Kaoru started a fight with her and thus, the messy encounter got her fired.  And so, fresh from being fired she was so agitated that she kicked an empty can while walking down the street and ended up breaking the glass door of a cafe. That’s when the handsome cafe owner emerged from the shop and reprimand her.

After finding out that Kaoru is in fact a girl, Kagetsu the cafe owner then invited her in for a drink. Three cups of Marron Brandy Tea (which contains alcohol as the name suggests) later, she was already drunk and when she finally came to, she found herself with nothing on lying on the floor while Kagetsu with the front of his shirt wide open sat there smoking. Of course, the only obvious explanation is that she had done it with Kagetsu. Kagetsu being the merciless brute (as he appears to be) then slapped her with a bill of 56,000 yen for the extra two cups that she drank (the first was Kagetsu’s treat) and so, she has no choice but to work her ass of at the cafe to pay the debt.

Kagetsu and Kaoru isn’t the only couple featured here. There are also stories on the cafe’s other employees romantic encounter. There’s Megu and Mako who look awfully cute together and then there’s Omi and a female customer who frequented the cafe. This is only the first volume though, who knows if there are more couples featured in the next volume but for me my favourite couple has to be Kagetsu and Kaoru (don’t they look like Jinnai and Mio from Desire Climax?). Too bad that they only appear in the prelude chapter (chapter 0) and briefly in later chapters. Hopefully there will be more chapters dedicated to them in future volumes.


I must say, Biyaku Cafe is my favourite Ukyou Ayane work or rather, it’s the only Ukyou Ayane work that I will ever read so far – it’s light-hearted, no drama and not so much of smut or rather, pointless smut, not that I hate smut. I like her artwork and I was charmed by it when I first read Desire Climax but since I don’t like where the storyline is heading to, I stopped reading it completely. Anyways, speaking of Biyaku Cafe, I see a lot of potential in this one. Now, it would be great if we readers get to see Kagetsu and Kaoru more often 😀

Many thanks to StarryHeaven for scanlating this series.


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