[BL Manga] Toritsu Mahou Gakuen (Hoshino Lily)

Of all Hoshino Lily’s works, I like Toritsu Mahou Gakuen best.  Mostly because of the cute factor and her rather unique artwork.


The setting of the story is the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic School (kinda reminded me of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts) where students learn magic along with other basic high school subjects such as Japanese, Mathematics, etc. At the magic school, during their course of study, each of them will be assigned a familiar spirit as their partner. It is preferable that the assigned familiar is powerful enough to use high level spells but in the case of Kouji Yuno, he got Harlem, a low-level incubus instead.

Contrary to what most readers would think, Toritsu Mahou Gakuen doesn’t fall under the shotacon genre although Harlem does look like a pre-pubescent boy. As revealed during familiar spirit transfiguration class (students were taught how to change their familiar spirits to human form using a spell), despite his appearance Harlem is really a 17-year-old teenager but as an incubus his growth is generally slower so as to maintain his cuteness.

The smut level of this manga is really low  in my opinion as a seasoned yaoi reader. Not much of an actual love-making although it is implied that they had definitely done it. One interesting incubi fact (in this manga’s universe, that is): right after an intercourse, incubi will assume its human form representing their actual age so, if you see an incubus in its human form, he/she had definitely done it earlier on. As far as the theory goes (again, in this manga’s universe), the human form implies that the incubus has matured or have grown into adulthood.


I like Hoshino Lily’s works, I really do but most of them are either dull (but cute), smut level is too over the top, or rather, PWP (Nurse ga Oshigotothis one looks more of hentai rather than yaoi thanks to the girlish ukes) and her ukes are just too feminine-looking.

As for Toritsu Mahou Gakuen, it is just too cute and sweet especially the part where Harlem is just too attached to Yuno vice versa and not to mention that Harlem with those ears and rabbit-like tail is really adorable and easy on the eyes. A good read if you’re looking for a light-hearted BL manga without the angsty part.


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