[BL Manga] Mr. Flower Bride (Hoshino Lily)

This is yet another of Hoshino Lily’s work that I adore. It’s cute and sweet as most of her works are.


Mr. Flower Bride (Hanayome-kun)

The Sudou family has this weird tradition where the second eldest son must marry someone of the same sex (so that no offspring can be conceived) should the eldest son conceives a boy so as to prevent dispute over inheritance in the future. As such, Sudou Shinji whose brother’s wife is confirmed to be carrying a baby boy, he is to be engaged to be married to a man of the same clan. The man that he is to marry is none other than Uno Aoi, his bishounen classmate.

At first, Shinji was totally against the age-old family tradition but he gave in in the end after he realised that he is indeed in love with Aoi. His reasoning in opposing the marriage is that before he found out that Aoi is to be his bride, he had thought that Aoi is pretty and if they were to be married, he fear that his feelings towards him will go deeper seeing as both of them are men.

Even after they got married, as students, they still have to attend high school. Now, the problem is that since they are both male, they would have to hide the nature of their relationship from the public but not for long. The ring on Aoi’s ring finger didn’t go unnoticed and the rumour that Aoi is engaged to an older woman soon got into Aoi’s childhood friend, Takemura’s ears. Naturally, he went to get Aoi’s explanation on the rumour and Shinji who was there at that time just snapped and showed him his ring finger and declared that Aoi belongs to him. That was sweet alright. Really sweet.

Another person who was against their union is Shinji’s younger sister, Misaki who appears to be having brother-complex. She was grossed out by the whole same-gender marriage and seems pretty pissed at Aoi for snatching her brother from her. In the end, she gave in but not without protest. Occasionally, she still shows her disapproval of their marriage in the form of insults and sarcastic comments.

Also included in the manga:

  • Mr. Flower Groom (Hanamuko-san) – There is a separate manga (a sequel to this series) that serves as the continuation of this oneshot.
  • Even if it costs my life – a typical romance between a young master and his bodyguard where the young master got hurt in attempt to protect his bodyguard.
  • If I can see you anytime… – yet another typical story of a young male prostitute and his childhood friend who happens to be the son of the owner of the “image club” (a type of brothel) where he works at.

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