[BL Manga] Doushitemo Furetakunai (Yoneda Kou)

Love her Katekyo Hitman Reborn (KHR) doujinshis though I’m mostly a Mukuro x Hibari fan (Yoneda-sensei does Yamamoto x Hibari). And above all, I really, really like Doushitemo Furetakunai her debut non-doujinshi work.


Shima was riding the elevator on the way to his new job when he encountered a man who seems to be suffering from quite a hangover on top of smelling bad. Although he doesn’t seem like it, the bad-smelling man from the elevator turned out to be Togawa, the section chief of the company where he would be working at.

Shima’s calm demeanor and quiet nature interests Togawa greatly. Every single working day, without fail, he would invite Shima for lunch even though his invitations were shot down each time by Shima who prefers to lunch alone in the office. As for Shima, his impression of Togawa is that of a rude and annoying man but before he knew it, his eyes would always dart around Togawa.

Several rejected lunch invitations later, Shima finally gave in and agreed to have dinner with Togawa, just the two of them.

After the dinner, they walked – Shima to the train station and Togawa to his home which is close by and as they were about to part ways, Togawa kissed Shima. Needless to say, Shima was dumbfounded especially when he noticed that they were seen and without much thought, Togawa dragged him to his apartment where they continued from where they left off and they ended up having sex.

Shima had known better to not fall in love with straight man. After all, that’s the whole reason why he left his previous job but then, it’s too late as he had fallen hard for Togawa who is straight. But readers, be rest assured as Shima’s love towards Togawa didn’t go unrequited.

More drama ensued as Shima found out that Togawa has agreed to the job transfer to Kyoto without telling him. Then again, Togawa had once mentioned that he would like to have a real family and children someday. His train of thought at that time was that relationships between a straight man and a gay man would never work after all and then with a resolution in mind, he head over to Togawa’s place to break off their relationship. Togawa of course, didn’t take it too well as he is genuinely in love with Shima but he agreed to it anyway since he thought that that’s what Shima wished for and to mark the end of their relationship, they had break-up sex.

Togawa has since left for Kyoto and thinking back, Shima wished that he had not broke off with him back then. He was too distraught that he broke down in tears as he stares at the cigarette packet that Togawa had entrusted to him when he had decided to quit smoking.

One can tell that Shima is really head over heels with Togawa. They had broken up since then but because he missed him so much, Shima head over to Kyoto from Tokyo just to see him but alas, he did not have the courage to meet up with him even though he was just outside his doorstep. He did however, called Togawa on the phone but did not reveal that he has arrived in Kyoto, right at his doorstep but Togawa who had somehow sensed that Shima is nearby hung up the phone. And a while later, Togawa appeared before Shima and they embraced under the falling snow.


Awesome. Just awesome. Breathtaking story and like Sujihan, a fellow fan had said, Doushitemo Furetakunai is just another BL manga featuring two salarymen but the way the author convey the story sets it apart from the rest. To me, if the story manage to make me feel for the characters then the manga is definitely a keeper, if not excellent and well-written (or well-drawn in this case) and Yoneda Kou’s debut work did just that. Doesn’t really matter if there’s not much love-making (explicit or not), what matters the most is that the storyline has some essence to it and again, I would say that the author manage to do that with this manga.

And speaking of the author, I enjoyed her KHR doujinshis with my personal favourite being Mr. and Mr. Hitman (a parody of the hit movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, no doubt about that). I find that most doujinshis are short and concentrated mostly on the explicit stuff but Yoneda Kou’s has some essence to it and a storyline. And so, even if you’re not a huge fan of the original series (I am a converted fan after I read the BL doujinshis) or a fan of Yamamoto x Hibari pairing, you should still check out the doujinshis by this author if you’re a a fan of hers.

Cheers to the author and here’s hoping that she would deliver another BL works as good as this.


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