[Manga] Cappuccino (Yoshizumi Wataru)

I’m not sure why but I feel difficult to read Cappuccino. By the third chapter, I was literally fuming as the female lead’s boyfriend, Sousuke two-timed her with a female student from the prep school where he was a tutor. Sousuke’s a bastard and the girl’s (the third person) a bitch, that’s what I was thinking and that’s when I decided to put it on my “on-hold” list.

Oh well, seeing as it has been scanlated completely, I might as well finish it and I did just that moments ago.


Ari and Sousuke have been dating for quite some time before they decide to take on the next step – moving in together. They do seem lovey-dovey at first but it all went downhill the moment Sousuke strayed and fell for a beautiful female’s charm.

The girl that Sousuke two-timed Ari with was his student who was about to take on the university entrance exam. She seems to be in love with Sousuke and persuaded him to go out with her just once before the university entrance exam. Thinking that it’s just a one-time thing, Sousuke agrees to it but the girl is adamant in getting Sousuke to date her even after she passed the university entrance exam and Sousuke, like any typical men got all weak and gave in to temptation.

As for Ari, she became suspicious whenever Sousuke got home later than usual and her suspicion heightened as Sousuke got home late more frequent coupled with the fact that she can smell a whiff of sweet female scent on him every single time. But still, she kept silent without confirming her suspicion with Sousuke as she loved him so much to lose him that is, until she snapped when she fell victim to snatch theft and Sousuke was never there to support her. Sousuke then confessed everything to her and asked for her forgiveness which she granted as she still loves him at that time.

Sousuke did ended the relationship with that girl and everything seems fine after that, but Ari’s paranoia got the better of her. Everytime Sousuke receives text messages she’ll get all worried thinking that it could be the girl and moreover she sensed that something is just not right between them. It’s as if that the love they shared is just not there anymore. And being a worry-wart but couldn’t gather enough courage to ask Sousuke himself, she confided in Sousuke’s best friend. As it turned out, Sousuke’s best friend fell in love at first sight with her since the day Sousuke introduced her as his girlfriend and since Ari is his best pal’s girl, he decided to keep his feelings to himself. Seeing as the relationship between Ari and Sousuke seems to be getting sour, he proposed that she break off with Sousuke and go out with him instead.

True enough, their relationship didn’t last long. The girl in question appeared before Ari one day and demanded that she break it off with Sousuke. She claimed that the only reason Sousuke stayed on with her is because he had promised to marry her. Upon hearing this, Ari confronted Sousuke and she finally ended the fruitless relationship. Even so, she rejected Sousuke’s best friend’s proposal citing the reason being she shouldn’t take away his best friend as well (me thinks that it’s because she bore no feelings towards him).

Two years have passed since then and we see Ari is hard at work. As for her love life, she chose to remain single as she can’t stand another relationship failure like the one she had with Sousuke.

Ari and Sousuke met again at Sousuke’s best friend’s wedding. They talked like old friends and with that, they finally reach the closure as Ari replied her sempai at her workplace’s text message asking her for a date with an Ok.


Again, I hate mangas with angsty drama in it and the only reason I picked this up is because I like the author’s other works (Spicy Pink, PxP). Still, the storyline in this manga is much closer to reality than most mangas that I’ve read. Come to think of it, Sousuke isn’t the only man who easily succumbs to temptations…then again, that simply shows that Sousuke didn’t love Ari enough to reject another girl’s advances. Right. It’s a good thing that they broke up before they head on to the aisle. A divorce would have been more troublesome. All in all, it ended quite well with Ari moving ahead with her career and finding a new love in her sempai from her workplace. You go, girl!

So, do I like it or hate it? Well, I don’t really hate it nor that I like it enough to archive it. Enough said.


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