Bleach Movie 3: Fade to Black, I Call Your Name

The first Bleach movie, Memories of Nobody was rather bland, while the second movie has improved a lot from the first (and in my opinion, the second movie was the best that is, if I compare the first two movies) and as for the third round of Bleach movie entitled Fade to Black I must say that it’s equally entertaining as well.

In the previous movie (movie 2), the main focus is Hitsugaya Toshirou who had been framed for something he didn’t do and this time around, we have Kuchiki Rukia as the main character (other than Ichigo of course).

The movie opens with Mayuri, a Gotei-13 captain that heads the technological advancement department going berserk when he encountered something that wiped off his memory and thus causes him to go berserk with paranoia. Moments later, we see the whole Seireitei in chaos as weird huge snake-like creatures devours the area and we see some of its inhabitants just froze as if they have been turned to stone. At the same time, Rukia who had received a letter from someone requesting her to meet, which she did and then her memories of her being a shinigami as well as anything else related to shinigami were wiped off by this strange person and her scythe-wielding sidekick.

Back in the real world, Ichigo became suspicious at the sudden Rukia absence who only left a letter with funny message in her place. The message seems rather cryptic and when Ichigo deciphered it, it says that she’s running an errand in Soul Society. As his instincts tell him that something is not right, he consulted Urahara Kisuke the only person in real world that knows of Soul Society and oddly, Urahara said that he did not recall knowing any Kuchiki Rukia at all but he knows that as of current, Soul Society is in its worst crisis yet and with that Ichigo heads over to Soul Society with Urahara’s help to find out what is exactly going on with Rukia.

In Soul Society, Ichigo is being treated as the enemy that causes the chaos considering that he appeared before them in his Hollow form and no one recalls ever knowing him at all. It appears that everyone in Soul Society including Renji and Byakuya hold no memory of Rukia even when they are the closest to her. Still, both Renji and Byakuya still have a little fragment of memories of Rukia even if it seems hazy and trusting his instincts, Renji head on to assist Ichigo with his mission in bringing Rukia back.

Meanwhile, Urahara the technological extraordinaire (apart from the creepy Mayuri) went on to investigate the origin of the problem that plagues Soul Society. His finding is that an Mayuri must have encountered this organism that has the ability to wipe of memories at one swing of its scythe-like tail and this organism is able to possess another being at will. True enough, this organism had possess the two siblings who had wanted to keep Rukia for themselves. As such, they vowed to do whatever it takes to keep Rukia by their side forever even if it means destroying Soul Society and killing every shinigami that comes their way.

Flash back to some hundred years ago, Rukia met the two nameless siblings. At that time, she was still at Rokungai (I think that’s how it’s spelt) and has not become a shinigami yet.  The two siblings were in a pinch with a shinigami who has the intention to kill them and Rukia who saw the incident rushed to help them but to no avail as she passed out and when she came to, those two had disappeared. Fact: the shinigami who attacked those two was possessed by the organism mentioned earlier and subsequently possessed those two siblings. These two siblings misunderstood thinking that it was the shinigami who killed them not knowing that he was possessed. They were already too attached to Rukia and will not stop at nothing in efforts to keep her to themselves.


My only comment here: Finally I get to watch the much hyped Bleach movie. Enough said. Ciao!


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