The latest from S.A. mangaka: Seiyuu Ka-!

I did not expect any less from the mangaka of the popular Special A. Seiyuu Ka-! still did not deviate from her usual shoujo formula; well, it’s a shoujo manga, what do you expect? Either way, I have quite a good feeling on this one though the only reason I read it is because I’m a fan of her previous works.

Kino Hime is an aspiring seiyuu (voice actor) after she met one that she greatly admires once as a child. To fulfill her dream, she enrolls in a voice acting school (this school also houses several departments which include general studies, acting, singing, etc.). The only problem is, her voice is deemed to be not good enough to be a proper seiyuu as her classmate Kudou Senri pointed out. And what do you know, Kudou Senri happens to be the son of the seiyuu that Hime admires so much since she was a kid and so, the battle begins with Hime struggling to prove Kudou wrong and that she too, could be a seiyuu if she tries hard enough.

My comment: I can’t help but think that Kino Hime and Kudou Senri remind me of Hikari and Kei of Special A except that this one is set in a voice acting school (yet another special school just like the one that Hikari and Kei attends). Then again, this is only the first chapter and I’m pretty sure that it will be as interesting as Special A if not better.


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