Darker Than Black 2: Ryuusei no Gemini

I was very elated when I first heard that there’s gonna be Darker Than Black anime sequel coming this fall and now that I have watched the first episode I can’t wait for the next to come.

The sequel opens with what I assume to be a father and his twin children camping out under the starry night. Tragedy strikes and ever since then, one of the twin, Shion became a contractor. Nothing much is known about them nor their significance in the story until later in the episode.

Fast forward a couple of years, the children are now school-going children (I assume since one of the twin, Suou is seen attending school). Suou is an avid photographer and aspires to be one just like her mother who is now in Tokyo, working I suppose. As for her father, my assumption is that he is a scientist working on contractor-related project and as for her twin brother Shion (I actually thought that the twins were both girls), he is confined to a wheelchair working on his computer the whole time. The dad doesn’t encourage his daughter to interact with her twin brother too often. Why wouldn’t her dad allow her to see his brother more than she should? Weird. Aren’t they a family? My guess is that they are probably involved in some experiment related to contractors and that her twin brother is a guinea pig in it. Just a hunch though.

And around the same time, Suou’s best friend Tanya started acting odd out of the blue. She doesn’t talk to her and their friends like she used to. She even ignored her boyfriend who had just confessed to her a couple of days ago. She is definitely fine on the day before. Odd. When confronted by her boyfriend, her eyes started glowing and she summoned a swarm of flies (or whatever insect it may be) to attack him. Tanya is a contractor…and Tanya knew that for a fact. As for her remuneration (for using her contractor power), she pulled out a bunch of her hair. Suou chased after her but to no avail as she saw her following a group of people assumed to be the army.

Things doesn’t look too good back at the homefront either. Her brother and father were nowhere to be seen and the army has broken into the house looking for something (possibly related to contractor). Suou was then instructed to flee by her brother (via telepathic powers??) and was told that her father’s assistant, Bella knows the secret passageway to escape. She met up with her where they found her father dead. She was then dragged outside where they were pursued by a contractor known as the magician. It turned out that the assistant that Suou trusted is also a contractor known as April. The two contractors fought until the magician went down. That’s when the infamous BK201 or the guy we know as Hei (his hair appears to have grown longer. Still looking hot though) appeared. He fought April and the victory goes to him while Suou just stood there stunted.

On another note, I’m rather pleased that the ending song is by Abingdon Boys School yet again. Doesn’t sound as rock-y as their usual offering but nonetheless it sounds pleasant to my ears.


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