Kimi ni Todoke Anime

Kuronuma Sawako is a shy and timid girl and her everyday-appearance doesn’t help the situation either. Nicknamed Sadako, a character from the infamous horror film, The Ring, she never fails to send those who encounter her fleeing as if they were chased by dogs. Rumour has it that whoever stares at her eyes for three seconds, misfortune would befall that person. Of course, the rumour is just a rumour.

Despite her gloomy and ghostlike appearance, Sawako wants to make friends but due to the misunderstanding and misconceptions that most people have about her, it is quite tough for her to even approach people.

Kazehaya is the exact opposite of Sawako. Cheerful and outgoing, there is never a day that he wouldn’t be surrounded by his classmates and friends. On top of that, he has the looks and seems perfect in many ways. He is what Sawako regards as “100% freshness” and someone that she looks up to.

In regards of Kimi ni Todoke’s anime adaptation, the first thing that came into my mind was “what vibrant colours!” Just love the colours. As for the animation artwork, it befits the anime as well and it’s like seeing the characters in the manga come to life. I’ll definitely be seeing the anime towards the end 😀

The ending sequence looks like it came out straight from a drawing. It’s pretty and nicely-done.


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