Kobato Anime

image Okay…I admit that I’m quite a CLAMP fangirl and that’s the whole reason why I give this a shot. And my first impression was Kobato (the main character) is pretty dumb or should I say naive. Extremely naive if I may say so myself.

Kobato is on the mission to fill the mysterious bottle with the feelings of those who have their heart broken in order to have her wish to go to the place that she desires granted. The only condition is that she must never ever fall in love with those people. And if my prediction is right, she’ll find herself troubled over her feelings towards a certain guy named Fujimoto (a cool-looking dude, by the way).

I’m not quite sure who (or what) Kobato really is as it is implied that she’s taking a test on blending in with the humans and is in the process of learning human’s way of life. And on top of that, she is awfully naive and doesn’t seem to know what nabe (Japanese hotpot) is as demonstrated when she put almost everything (including milk, chocolate, and various of other absurd stuffs) into the hotpot when she was instructed to put stuffs into it. Oddly enough, the end result of Kobato’s version of nabe tasted delicious!

Being a fan of xxxHolic and Tsubasa Chronicle, I have certain doubts that CLAMP’s latest effort will  surpass their previous works (especially xxxHolic and Tsubasa), not that I hate Kobato. Still, seeing as Kobato is a CLAMP work, I have a good feeling about this one.

As of episode one, I’m looking forward to see the development of the relationship between Kobato and Fujimoto and how it would unfold seeing as Kobato isn’t suppose to fall in love with the person whose broken heart that she helps to heal.


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