[Anime] Kobato Episode 2

Kobato’s naivety never cease to annoy me. She actually thinks that the guy who distributes packets of tissue is a saint for giving it away for free and eventually, she’s duped into distributing them in his place. That’s when I went “what the…”.


Still, no matter how naive and stupid she looked, she does have the kind heart and is willing to help those who are in need without expecting anything in return. Plus, she’s great with children due to her innocence and children seems to like her. And thus she begins her “tenure” as a nursery teacher assistant at this daycare center where Fujimoto (the dude who always bumped into her) is also working at. As of current, she’s still not Fujimoto’s favourite person.

Lets not forget her original goal. In order to fulfill her own wish to go to a certain place, she needs to heal the heart of those who have theirs broken in order to fill the mysterious bottle that she earned back in episode one. So who among those in the nursery had their heart healed by Kobato? It was little Toshihiko whose mom is rarely seen and is always late when picking him up from the daycare center. Because of his circumstances, people began to label his mom as a bad mom but little Toshihiko still stood by her mom and said that her mom is a good mom and she is being hard at work for his sake. Kobato, after listening to what he said started clapping and cheerily said that his mom is a good mother. Hearing that, Toshihiko lightens up and hugged her.

For Toshihiko, he’s happy that someone understands his plight, not out of pity but coming straight from her heart and as for Kobato, it’s one heart healed (and thus, the bottle is filled) and a score of 100% given to her by Ioryogi.


As annoying as her naivety goes, one just can’t help but like her. Still, she’s not in my list of favourite characters just yet but if I continue watching the series, she’ll probably grow on me. Probably…


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