X-Men for girls?

Just found out that there is an X-Men shoujo manga out there. Old news I know!

When it was announced that there’s gonna be an X-Men shoujo manga (a partnership between Del Ray and Marvel), it received lots of mixed reactions but mostly negative. Guys bashed the manga saying that it’s lame and some say that the shoujo manga butchered the original western version; that was before the manga was even released though I have to agree that it seems wrong to turn what used to be a Marvel comic into a sparkly shoujo manga filled with bishounens. And what do you know, all of the sudden Beast became all cute and cuddly (what?!).  Still, I think that it deserved a chance, not criticisms before it is even released into the market; let the readers judge it for themselves.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of X-Men (as far as Marvel superheroes concerned) and at the same time I too, am an avid shoujo manga reader (not so much now though). I’d like to see how this one turns out.

wolverine Magneto Mystique Jean Grey

Image source here.


Here’s how the storyline goes (probably): The heroine (Kitty Pride) just enrolled into this exclusive private school cater to the rich (in this case, school for the gifted youngsters) and thus begins her life as a student and from then on she’ll experience crushes, love, boys, etc. Typical of shoujo mangas except that it’s based on X-Men. Go here for a 14-page preview of the manga.

X-Men: Misfits Cover


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