[Anime] Darker Than Black 2 – Episode 2

One minute Suou is an ordinary school-going kid and the next thing she knew, she is being pursued by various parties who mistaken her for her twin brother Shion for this so-called core of meteor (or meteor core).

Hei also appears to be going after the core of the meteor that Shion supposedly having. Me thinks that the core of the meteor is probably what made Shion into a contractor or perhaps it was something that his father was working on before his death in the hands of the military. And all of the sudden, everyone (except for Nika) that Suou knows, their memories of her just disappeared.

Speaking of Hei, he looks incredibly haggard what with the stubbles and unkempt longer hair, not that I mind.

So, is the cat that was shot at the end of episode one, Mao?

And what happened to Yin?


Speaking of which, I like the OP and ED songs sang by Stereopony and Abingdon Boys School respectively.

OP: Stereopony – Tsukiakari no Michishirube (PV)

A catchy tune. To think that I almost bop my head as I listen to this 🙂

ED: Abingdon Boys School – From Dusk Till Dawn

A nice ballad befitting the ending of this anime though I prefer their rock music. And apparently, the Ending sequence for the first episode is just temporary. This one is definitely better than the first episode, in my opinion.


2 thoughts on “[Anime] Darker Than Black 2 – Episode 2

  1. Ruby says:

    I can’t remember which blog I read from but it he said that Yin is stuck in Hell’s gate which makes a lot of sense to me 😀 I like the op too but not the ED very much :3

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