[Manga] Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo

Fumio is like any other ordinary high school girl, enjoying her school life with her best friend and love life with her new-found boyfriend. All that shattered the moment a transfer student arrives. Needless to say, the new transfer student, an unnamed girl throughout the story snatched her boyfriend away within a second. To add salt to her injury, she lost a friendship at the same time when she snapped at her sci-fi loving best friend who doesn’t seem to stop inventing sci-fi stories. In the end, she lost both her best friend and boyfriend – her reasons of existence at school all at the same time and so, she decided to do the inevitable – bringing her chainsaw which is a gift from her grandfather who had also trained her on how to use it effectively. Indeed, she’s a highly-trained chainsaw-er. Her plan is this: kill her boyfriend and then finally, end her own life.


Simple storyline and short…too short. And the conclusion isn’t conclusive either. As for the sci-fi element, it’s too far-fetched. An alien in the guise of a female transfer student? At the end of the story, the alien just snatched her boyfriend and ran, ran to where? And for what purpose?

Unexplained circumstances and inconclusive ending. Not my favourite manga…that’s all I can say. It makes me wonder why I picked up the manga in the first place…right. It was the premise of jealous girlfriend going berserk with a chainsaw to kill her boyfriend and possibly the boyfriend-snatcher in question…that’s what I’m interested in reading until the sci-fi thing popped out of nowhere. Interesting take on the alien thing but not well-executed.


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