[Manhwa] Love At First Sight Season 1(Lee Si-Young)

Ban Ha-Da is one weird girl. She’s not particularly pretty but she’s arrogant enough to think that she’s so hot that guys would come one after another. Weird but true…after each unsuccessful relationships, she’ll find another one almost instantly completely unaware that her ONE is her childhood friend, Kang Han-Se who lives next door. They are so close that they still sleep together on the same bed and they aren’t kids anymore.

There are some supernatural elements in this manhwa too. For instance, Han-Se’s mother is a shaman, a powerful one, powerful enough to sever ones string of fate and reattach it to another (as of Volume 4). And then there’s the part where Ha-Da being able to see other people’s true form (it could be anything) and on Han-Se’s advice, she wears an eye-patch to avoid seeing stuffs like that. Han-Se being a son of a shaman, he too have the power to see others’ true form and the red string of fates. Needless to say, Han-Se and Ha-Da are meant to be, if you get what I mean.

During graduation, Han-Se’s shaman mother told her one thing, “Three men for you.” That’s when her tendency to fall in love at first sight started…

First, there’s this guy (don’t remember his name) whom she have not seen for a long time since elementary school (I think). This guy then profess his love to her and she jumped into the relationship almost immediately. Heck, she even bragged about it to her family and Han-Se openly without any hint of embarrassment. As much as her family wouldn’t believe it, it was true. And to further stroke her ego, this guy’s close childhood friend (the blondie on the cover of Volume 1) also professed his love to her saying that he doesn’t mind that she treats it as an affair. Lol.

Alas, the relationship reached an end when the guy and his close childhood friend flew over to the States to continue their education.

Surprisingly, not long after her first relationship ended, she jumped into yet another relationship with a former gang member who chose to leave his gang days and attend high school. Again, it was a love at first sight for Ha-Da. All seems well until she caught him cheating on her with a beauty. Needless to say, the relationship went kaput at that point.

She has dated a prince-like guy, had an affair with his childhood best friend, and dated a former gang member after the first one went bust. And this time around, cupid strikes (or not) yet again when she falls for her Japanese teacher, Kazuyama Basho at first sight. Basho is no ordinary man. He too, has the special ability to see the red string of fate that ties two person who are soulmates together. Seeing others’ string of fate makes him jealous as he has yet to find his other half and not to mention that his love for one particular girl went unrequited (as such, Ha-Da sees his true form as half of a man, literally). He is so twisted that he would even attempt to weaken others’ string of fate and his current target happens to be Ha-Da and Han-Se when he saw that their bond is the strongest that he have ever seen thus far.

Her relationship with Basho didn’t last long either as Han-Se’s mother enters the picture. For some reason, Han-Se’s mother is convinced that her son is meant to be with Ha-Da and view Basho as a potential threat. To prevent Ha-Da’s relationship with her Basho from going any deeper, she used her power as a shaman to sever the tie between Basho’s crush and her ex and then reattach her red strings to Basho. Ha-Da, knowing that she and Basho are not meant to be, ends the relationship with good faith. And following Basho’s advice, she begins dating Han-Se.

Her tendency to fall in love at first sight still doesn’t seem to end even when she’s dating Han-Se.

Ha-Da and Han-Se were on a train where Ha-Da got molested. Luckily for her, a feminine-looking guy in a hoodie saved her. As the history repeats itself, she fell for the bishounen in a hoodie at first sight even in the presence of Han-Se. *Sigh*. When will she ever learn?

~End of Season 1~

Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4

Images taken from JanimeS.


There aren’t many manhwas that I can absolutely say that I like mainly because of the artwork. In this case, it beats me as on why I kept reading till the end. There’s nothing special about the artwork and the main female character is quite an airhead. And she isn’t particularly good looking but guys flock around her one after another though in a good way in saying that personality first, looks come second but then again, she’s an airhead =.= In what way her personality shines? Oh what am I saying…

If it wasn’t for the not-so-ordinary storyline, I wouldn’t have read it up to the final volume and if it wasn’t for the airhead of a heroine, there wouldn’t be a smile on my face as I read the manhwa right till the end. She may be dumb at times but it was her personality that provides the comic relief throughout the story. Hated Ha-Da at first sight but slowly she grows on me with her naivety and airhead nature. And I would like to add that the guys that she dated are really, really hunky.

Another plus of this manhwa is that there aren’t too many dramas typical of a shoujo manga where there’s another bitchy girl vying for the same guy’s attention and would do anything to get what she wants even if it means being a bitch. A big plus, I would say since I dislike dramas like that; they’re just too clichéd.

P.S.: The cover for the first volume looks misleading. I really thought that this is a BL manhwa. Was quite disappointed when I didn’t find any. Haha.


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