[Anime] Darker Than Black 2 – Episode 3

Yet another awesome episode of Darker Than Black 2 and I’m pretty sure that fans of the series would agree with me 🙂

For someone who hated contractors, more so if she thinks that the contractor is one of the villain who’s pursuing Shion, Suou sure is weird for saving Hei’s ass in the beginning of this episode. Her reason’s simple enough – she wants to know what’s going on and Hei seems like the only person who can tell her.

Mao is alive! Well, the host body (a cat) is dead but his “spirit” now lives on in Petya, Suou’s pet squirrel. From a cat to a squirrel, eh?

Remember Suou’s friend Tanya? She’s a full-fledged badass now for not hesitating in killing her close ones – Nika, her former boyfriend. Was it really her instinct to kill him or it was her instincts as a contractor? Oh well…

Amidst all the chaos and bloodsheds, Suou snapped or rather, the contractor in her has awakened. She started to glow and it appears that something is coming out of her body, a weapon of some sort. Looks like a very long rifle which she then used to to shoot the remaining contractors whom she hated so much and if Hei didn’t stop her, she would have deliver the final blow to Tanya. Now, who says contractors are heartless? Well, only Hei probably…

Looks like Kirihara is still hanging in there though she has been demoted to desk job. She is still pursuing a contractor codenamed as BK201. Obsess much?

Knowing that Shion is probably in Tokyo, Suou and Hei head on there. It’s goodbye to Russia? On another note, Suou is seen folding a paper crane at the end of the episode. Her remuneration perhaps?


2 thoughts on “[Anime] Darker Than Black 2 – Episode 3

  1. Ruby says:

    Its quite ironic how Suou hated contractors but become one herself. I would feel a little depressed if she lost all her emotions too. Kirihara is very obsessed with Hei, it annoys me. I don’t think I can stand seeing Mao as a squirrel, they don’t match~

    • nightfox says:

      Me too…after seeing Mao as a cat since season 1, it takes a while for me to get used to the fact that Mao is now a squirrel…or maybe not. And like its namesake, Mao is better off as a cat.

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