[Manga] Mix Vegetable (Komura Ayumi)

Hanayu is the daughter of a pastry-maker who aspires to be a sushi chef. Hayato is the son of a sushi chef who loves sweets and aspires to be one that makes them. Naturally, being the children of a pastry-maker and sushi chef, their family expects them to take after them and this makes it harder for the both of them to pursue their dreams with their parents’ blessings. They both attends Oikawa High School Cooking Department and are competitive among each other when it comes to making the best cuisine.

There came a day when Hanayu had this crazy idea of marrying into a sushi chef family and then take over as the sushi chef in the future. For this sole purpose, she set her eyes on Hayato whose family owns a sushi place. Little did she know, Hayato too, had the same crazy idea as her. And so, they started seeing each other with their personal goals in mind but soon, Hanayu’s guilt got the better of her and they fell apart when they both revealed their true intentions.

They fought, had a fallout and then they found each other again. When he found out that Hanayu have been wrestling with her dreams of becoming a sushi chef, Hayato encouraged her to talk to her father about what she really wants. With his words of encouragement, she managed to do just that and as tough as it was to get her dad’s seal of approval, her dad gave his blessings in the end after much persuasion. Thus, she begins her training at Hayato’s family sushi restaurant everyday after school where she learns the art of making great sushi from the best sushi chef (Hayato’s dad) and subsequently developed feelings for Hayato.

Hanayu’s love for Hayato did not go unreciprocated. When Hayato had a meltdown as a result of his inner conflict on what he really wants to do (inherit his family’s sushi restaurant or pursue his dream of becoming a pastry chef), Hanayu was there to comfort him and that was when they both realise that they have feelings for each other. They kissed and the day ended with Hayato walking Hanayu home hand-in-hand (awww…).


My thoughts on this one: seriously, seeing as they both love each other, they might as well get married after graduation and inherit each others’ family businesses – Hanayu pursue her dreams at Hayato’s family’s sushi restaurant and Hayato, Hanayu’s family’s pastry business. Problem solved. Lol. I know that thing’s aren’t that simple.

That aside, I must say that this is one of the good shoujo manga out there. A keeper, I would say, exceptional artwork, strong characters and most importantly, the main female lead isn’t weak; as a matter of fact, she’s strong and determined in realising her dreams as a sushi chef (where this line of profession is dominated by mostly men) unlike most shoujo manga where female leads are often portrayed as weak characters, whiny and/or boy-obsessed.

If you, like me adore Mix Vegetable, you should check out the author’s other work, Hybrid Berry. Just as Hanayu in this series, the female lead in Hybrid Berry too, is a strong character except that this time around, the heroine is a gardening otaku who is scouted for the baseball team where her crush is one of the player.

Last but not least, why the title Mix Vegetable?


2 thoughts on “[Manga] Mix Vegetable (Komura Ayumi)

  1. hi i’ve read your post and i kind of like it, because i really like sushi but not only that i also like the plot of the story so i think i’m going to read this manga ^_^
    P.S. can we exchange our links?

    • nightfox says:

      You should definitely give Mix Vegetable a shot…and you’ll like it. Happy reading 🙂

      Yeah sure, lets exchange links.

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