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Dōjinshi manga are non-professional and/or self published comics, and dōjin refers to any self-published work. Dōjinshimanga can be broken into two broad categories: fan-comics and original works. Fan-comics, much like fan-fiction, are based on established properties and created by fans of those properties. Original works are based on the dōjinshi-ka’s (creator) original ideas. The only difference between mainstream manga and original dōjinshi is that the dōjinshi is not published by a publishing company; it is self-published by the dōjinshi-ka.

I can barely remember when I started reading doujinshis. As far as I can remember, I never give much thought of it when I first got addicted to mangas, but then I discovered BL (yaoi, shounen-ai) and somewhere along the line, I started reading doujinshis, usually BL ones.  If I do recall correctly, it all started with a certain KHR doujinshi that caught my interest.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (KHR)

The very first doujinshis that I read happens to be one based on KHR. Needless to say, my favourite pairing has to be Hibari x Mukuro but recently when I started reading the ones done by Yoneda Kou, I’ve become an instant fan of Yamamoto x Hibari pairing (only the ones done by Yoneda Kou though).

When it comes to KHR doujinshis, I’d go for the ones done by Yoneda Kou (Nitro) and Aoi Levin (Banyu); Yoneda Kou for her gorgeous artwork and detailed/long storyline and as for Aoi Levin, again nice artwork but I’m in mostly because of the Dino x Hibari pairing.

Yoneda Kou - Mr. and Mr. Hitman Banyu - Shall We Fall in Love

Note: If you’re a fan of Yoneda Kou, you should check out this LiveJournal community dedicated to her works.

Gundam 00

Just recently, I’m hooked on Gundam 00 doujinshis (which prompted me to watch the original series but that’s another story) and now I know why it is said that female forms the bigger percentage of Gundam fans. Lol. It’s the bishounens in it! Personal favourite – Lockon and Allelujah. When it comes to Gundam doujinshis, my preferred pairing is Allelujah x Lockon though occasionally I also read Lockon x Tierra. As for my favourite authors when it comes to Gundam 00 doujins – Harumaki Tokiko, Matsumoto Azusa, Kain and Mio Tennouji.

Harumaki Tokiko - Fureru Matsumoto Azusa - Anniversary Tennouji Mio - Koihana


For those who play BL games, Nitro+CHIRAL is a familiar name to them. Popular BL Game titles under the Nitro+CHIRAL label includes Togainu no Chi and Lamento which then spawned a number of mangas based on the BL game as well as doujinshis. Speaking of Togainu no Chi, Shiki x Akira pairing is my favourite, probably the only pairing that I’d favour; Shiki is just so darn hot in the gothic outfit of his.

Kousaka Akiho has become one of my favourite mangaka since I read Koi no Shizuku. Incidentally, he/she has also done several doujinshis based on Lamento as well as Togainu no Chi which I find beautifully drawn just as his/her aforementioned original manga. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of his/her work.

TnC DJ: RagDoll - Kousaka Akiho Kousaka Akiho - Lamento DJ: Magnolia

Prince of Tennis

I was never a fan of Prince of Tennis and probably never will regardless of how well it fares among its fans. I did watched the anime as a kid but it did not interest me at all. But when it comes to doujinshis based on the popular series, I might just give it a read if it’s by my favourite mangaka.

Code Geass

Read few doujinshis based on this series but none of them are for keeps. Will probably watch the original series somewhere in the future.


Now, wouldn’t it be great if there are doujinshis based on Pandora Hearts and maybe La Corda D’Oro. Just my wishful thinking on my part.

My Dream pairings:

Pandora Hearts: Gil x Oz, Jack x Gil

La Corda D’Oro: Tsuchiura x Len, Yunoki x Kazuki

Again, it’s just my wishful thinking…


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