I’m officially a Gundam nut

I was a little hesitant at first at the thought of watching Gundam 00. The mere thought of watching a bunch of mechas fighting each other dozed me off. But what makes it so appealing to both male and female demographics?

For the guys, the fast-paced action sequences between those Mobile Suits excites them and not to mention that the female characters in it are well-endowed, which is stereotypical of male-oriented animes.

Fast-paced actions aren’t just for the guys to enjoy. I believe that girls too, might find them appealing. Heck, if it wasn’t for those cool action scenes, the latest Gundam franchise offering would be a snoozefest. And just as guys find the female characters in the anime series attractive (a certain Ms. Sumeragi in particular), we girls too, get to drool over (figuratively speaking) the eye-candies in the Gundam Meisters, Setsuna in particular or so I’ve heard. Personally, I think that Lockon is the coolest among those four Gundam Meisters. Allelujah isn’t half-bad either and Tierra is just so feminine-looking; if he were born as a girl, he would be a really pretty one.

Plot-wise, the theme somewhat reflects what’s going on in our current world. Terrorism, super powers playing God claiming that they are doing their part in eradicating war, you name it. Thankfully, our world hasn’t fallen to that stage where every nation goes to war senselessly.

Ah, a shame really, that I haven’t watch the anime series until now. All I can say is, finally, an anime that appeals to both male and female…

On another note, the second opening song and ending song are my favourites. Didn’t know that Tomoko Kawase aka Tommy Heavenly6 aka Tommy February6 is the lead singer of the brilliant green who sang for Gundam 00’s second opening. It’s no wonder that the singing voice sounds familiar…and Stephanie’s Friends fits just fine as the series second ending song. Even the ending sequence is nice to watch, if you get what I mean 🙂

And oh, there’s a Gundam 00 anime film to be released next year in 2010. I’m definitely looking forward to that one.

Next up on my watching list: Code Geass. Probably.


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