[Anime] Darker Than Black 2 – Episode 4

Kirihara’s obsession with Hei codenamed BK201 prompted her to quit the police force and join a suspicious organisation with the goal of capturing a contractor codenamed BK201 along with Shion, a boy in his custody who is actually Suou. Upon joining this organisation, she is to team up with a group of what seems to be contractors. Among the group contractors, it appears that the icy cold woman clad in black suit, Hazuki has a thing for Kirihara. It’s no wonder that she hates kissing the guy as her remuneration for using her contractor power back in episode one; she likes girls! Kirihara’s obsession with BK201 didn’t go unnoticed, as noted by Hazuki who said that Kirihara’s saving her virginity for BK201 when her advances were rejected.


Meanwhile, Hei and co. are on the run and as per client request, Hei is to train Suou as an agent and contractor. The identity of the client is not revealed yet at this point. Rigorous training soon followed which also include combat without using any weapon, dancing and “gyrating” that seems suggestive to me; according to Hei, doing so will help her relax her abdomen which in turn helps a lot in combats. Right.


While Hei lets her out for the day, she went outside and encountered a group of dancers. One of the dancers, Norio develops a crush on Suou almost instantly and declares that he have now found the sense of living. Love at first sight or do we have a lolicon here?. Lol. Who is he really? Could he possibly be Suou’s love interest? It’s still too soon to tell though.

Suau was then asked by Hei to practice her skills that he had taught her earlier on the bunch of dancers. Her goal was to escape from them without using her contractor powers. She did just that but unfortunately her stomach gave in; she had eaten expired ramen earlier which explains the stomachache.  She ran off and ran into the cross-dressing guy (forgot what’s the term) whom she had met earlier. She went with him and is given meds for her stomachache. Moments later, Norio came into the bar. Turns out that the cross-dressing guy is Norio’s father. What a small world, eh? Upon seeing Suou, his face turned brick red right on the spot. A face that says, “I like you”?


Suou then contemplates about what could be her first confession from a guy but as she pointed out, she has become emotionless since the contractor in her has awakened. She feels nothing from Norio’s indirect confession, unlike the time Nika confessed to Tanya back in the good old days when Suou was just Suou, an ordinary school girl even though the confession wasn’t directed to her. Did she had romantic feelings towards Nika? Oh well, no matter now cos’ Nika’s dead.

At the end of this episode, Kirihara is seen entering the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan where a woman appears out of nowhere. Even though she has been using the alias Ichinose Yayoi since joining the organisation, this woman knows that in actual, her real name is Kirihara Masaki. Who is this mysterious woman? Could she be the informant that she had been told about?


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