[BL Manga] Sakende Yaruze! (Takaguchi Satosumi)

image Shino work as a seiyuu (voice actor) for a living. On top of having a baby-face as a 33-year-old man, he is often casted as a high school boy and an uke when he takes BL drama CD jobs, not that he’s keen on moaning and panting over the microphone. But then, things have changed since the arrival of Nakaya, his son whom he haven’t heard of. Misao, the girl whom he had been seeing when he was in high school have gotten pregnant but chose to be a single mother instead of letting Shino know and now that she has passed away, Nakaya resolves to see his father for the first time. With another mouth to feed, he has no choice but to take on as many jobs as possible even if it means playing the uke in BL drama CDs.

When working on BL drama CD voice acting jobs, he is often partnered with Tenryuu who can be considered as a veteran in the voice acting scene. Ever since they worked together, Tenryuu is already smitten with Shino and he is not attempting to hide his attraction though Shino seems oblivious to it at first. With his baby-face, even his other co-workers found him attractive and among them, Mizusawa is considered as Tenryuu’s rival in vying for Shino’s attention (not much of a rival though since it’s clear in the beginning that Shino’s definitely ending up with Tenryuu, at least for me).

Voicing for uke characters in BL drama CDs is hardly something that Shino could tell everyone and since Nakaya’s arrival, he has been struggling to keep it a secret from him. Still, he was found out in the end when Nakaya discovered his BL drama CD stash. At first, Nakaya doesn’t seem pleased at all when hearing his father’s voice moaning and panting in those BL drama CDs but slowly he has come to acceptance that for Shino, it’s just a job that puts meal on the table. However, after coming to know that Shino’s male fellow seiyuus are aiming for him, he was pissed, Tenryuu in particular and is constantly worrying that someday his cute father will get eaten by the wolves.

Nakaya is an ace ice hockey player and he loves being on the ice more than anything else. By chance, he was scouted by a university ice hockey team and was offered a place in the university’s affiliated high school. It’s definitely something to be overjoyed for an ice hockey junkie but Nakaya was having some doubts on whether or not ice hockey is his passion. After some thinking and discussion with Shino, he decided to take on the offer and has been practicing under Fuse Akihi, a former hockey player for the Canadian team  whom he have come to admire and eventually fall in love with. Nakaya’s relationship with Fuse however, has become Shino’s source of worry as he thought that Nakaya is influenced by the uke characters that he plays in his voice acting jobs.

In essence, this manga that spans five volumes tells the story of Shino’s job as a voice actor and his relationship with his potential lover and at the same time, being a father to a teenaged son who is in his rebellious age.


This is indeed not the usual type of BL manga that I often read. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t have given a second glance to BL mangas like this but for some reason, I’m just drawn to it just by its storyline alone. It’s not too rushed in the sense that the characters took their time in developing their relationships unlike most typical BL mangas where the characters fall in love too quickly and smex ensues. It’s much more realistic this way.

Another criteria that I’d consider when picking a manga to read, is the year it was produced and I’d prefer to steer clear from mangas dating back to the mid-90s and earlier as the artwork may not be satisfactory. Sakende Yaruze! was produced in 1995 and I’m quite surprised (in a good way) that the artwork is decent and not too shabby.

There are hardly any explicit scenes in this manga; it’s more of romance between two men rather then all-sex which is also unlike most typical mangas labeled as yaoi which is good considering that the focus is more on the development of the relationship itself rather than the “intimate” scenes. A good read, I’d say.


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