Gundam 00 Movie Trailer

Just reached the end of Gundam 00 anime marathon and I thought, the ending (of season 2) isn’t conclusive enough.

Lyle Dylandy codenamed Lockon Stratos was seen at the graves of his family and his beloved Anew and proceeded rejoining Celestial Being along with Lisa Kujo codenamed Sumeragi Lee Noriega, Setsuna F. Seiei (wow, he’s alive; I thought that he’s a goner for sure after the final battle with Ribbons Almark) and the rest of the Ptolemy crew. What about the rest of the Gundam meisters? Tierie Erde was definitely shot by Ribbons but it seems that his consciousness is transferred to Veda which allows him to gain control of the entire knowledge base (Veda). So, does it makes him alive? And as for Allelujah, he was last seen with Mary on what seems like a backpacking journey with throngs of other people, leaving Celestial Being and his Gundam meister identity behind. Everything seems to be fine now that the A-Laws is perished along with its mastermind, Ribbons Almark (is he really dead at all?) and the human race is now united under a new federation. One last thing, what’s the deal with Setsuna being the pure-breed Innovator? Is that it? I highly doubt it. This is where the movie comes in, I suppose.

According to Gundam Wikia page (nothing is certain yet though), the movie will fill in the gaps left by season 2 of the anime. And here’s the 90-second trailer:


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