[BL Manga] Chintsubu (Yamato Nase)

It all began when those four were on a class trip and when the bus that they were on was involved in an accident, their lives were never the same again.

For Ayase who’s in love with his classmate, Toride, he may never get the chance to confess. Due to the accident, Toride is now lying on the hospital bed, comatose. Little did Ayase know, his love for Toride did not go unrequited as Toride too, is in love with him all these time. Luck, however is on their side (or not) when Toride’s spirit is transferred to Ayase’s penis (of all places) and lo and behold, Ayase’s penis now has a life of its own!

Ayase’s not the only one with a talking manhood. Iwabuchi and Kamiya (an unlikely pair considering that Iwabuchi is a model student whereas the latter is a notorious playboy) got theirs switched! Seeing as there’s not much choice at hand, Iwabuchi and Kamiya decided to cooperate (at least until the problem is rectified) and somewhere along the way, they fall in love (as expected).

Facing a weird problem (and not to mention that it may sound ridiculous to everybody else), those four now decided to form some sort of an alliance in order to find ways and means to correct the talking manhood problem.


The one and only part I like about this manga is the part where Iwabuchi and Kamiya fall in love. Who knew that Iwabuchi the studious and serious student would go out of his way to plan a date with Kamiya the playboy. It is obvious that these two are on to each other but due to their pride, they refuse to reveal their true feelings. My favourite: It seemed that Iwabuchi thinks of getting Kamiya’s penis pierced but Kamiya’s penis doesn’t seem too happy about it. Despite its protests, he went and purchased a pair of red earrings…as a gift for Kamiya.

As for the talking “manhood”, it was funny alright in their own ways alright. Imagine this: getting a nagging or two from your lower half or even taking relationship advices. The part where they talk to their respective penises itself is already enough to make one laugh especially when all three of them were caught with their pants down and their things hanging out. At one point, Iwabuchi even dresses Kamiya’s penis with a mini sweater. Lol. Having a talking “manhood” is definitely not pleasant.

In short, Chintsubu is crazy and funny (as ridiculous as it is) what with the whole penis God and spirits possessing penises. At one point, it even screams shota when Toride’s spirit possessed his younger (really really young) brother Tadashi and attempts to rape Ayase out of rage and jealousy when Tadashi shows signs that he is in love with Ayase (what??!). A smaller (really small) guy taking on a bigger guy? Lol.

Indeed, this is the most unusual BL manga that I’ve come across. It’s pure crack and full of puns involving you-know-what. Definitely not one that I’d consider as worth rereading. As a matter of fact, if you’re looking for serious reading, I wouldn’t recommend this one unless you’ve run out of mangas to read or you have time to kill.


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