[Anime] Darker Than Black 2 – Episode 6

Episode 6 opened with a bittersweet reunion of a mother and son. Ever since his mother became a contractor, Norio’s mom has pretty much vanished from their sights never to be seen again that is, until she is tasked with the guys from Section 3 to retrieve Suou. Apparently, she (Norio’s mom) was forced to see them again after using her contractor powers; could it be that baking is her remuneration? Contractors sure have weird rituals when it comes to remuneration – consuming alcohol, kissing, origami (in Suou’s case), etc., eh?

Back to Hei and co., it is revealed that their latest mission to take down a certain container. Unbeknownst to them, the container that they are supposed to destroy contains a person – Yin, Hei’s Doll. From here on, I guess that the entire season will be dedicated towards getting Yin back?

After finding out that their mission includes killing Yin, Hei managed to stop Suou who almost fire at the said container, along with Yin. Judging from Hei’s reaction can it be deduced that he is in love with Yin?


In this episode, another shocking fact is also revealed – Hei has lost his power as a contractor as a result from the anti-contractor weapon. Come to think of it, Hei almost lost his life back in the second episode after an encounter with the folks from Section 3 and ever since then, he has not use his powers. Dang it…Hei is no longer the invincible BK201.

Norio’s mom caught up with Suou. Suou retaliated but in the end, her attacker’s life is taken by an unknown force (oddly enough, the apparition looks like Yin) but Norio who had arrived at the scene to see his mother lying dead didn’t know that. Of course, judging from what he had just saw, anyone would have thought the same thing as he did – that Suou had just killed his mother.

At the end of the day, Hei decided to cook. Suou was surprised that Hei would even cook. Her only complain is that without vegetable, they wouldn’t get sufficient vitamins that they should. With that, Hei went out and thinking that he’s out to buy more alcohol, Suou tells him not to drink too much of alcohol and in exchange, she will not shoot anymore (at Hei’s request). Hei then replied that he is out to buy vegetables and they set off to a convenience store together.

On their way back, Suou saw a strange apparition that looks like Yin. Seems that Hei couldn’t see it (probably due to him losing his contractor powers). Judging from her actions, Suou knew more or less that it was Yin and she seemed jealous of her after hearing from Mao that Hei and Yin go way back before Suou came into the picture. Could it be that she has a crush on Hei? Would that make Hei a lolicon then? Lol.


If you, like me have been wondering what on earth could have happened between season 1 and season 2, fret not cos’ Darker Than Black side story OVA will be released next year bundled together with the series’ DVD.

From ANN:

The side stories recount what happens to the main character Hei in the two years between the original Darker than BLACK – Kuro no Keiyakusha science-fiction adventure series and the ongoing Darker Than Black: Ryūsei no Gemini sequel. The side story videos will be bundled with the even-numbered Blu-ray Disc and DVD volumes ofDarker Than Black: Ryūsei no Gemini. (The second BD and DVD volumes will ship on January 27 in Japan.)


2 thoughts on “[Anime] Darker Than Black 2 – Episode 6

  1. Suou is totally falling in love with Hei xD and Hei is definitely in love with Yin :3 I can’t beleive it was Yin that was in the box, I thought she was dead already. I’m really excited for the OVA.

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