[Manga] Kinkyori Renai (Mikimoto Rin)

Kururugi Uni is a prodigy and aced every single subject that she is taking in school except for one, English. Apparently, she has been bad at it since elementary school.

Her first encounter with Sakurai Haruka is when the latter is posted as a temporary teacher when her homeroom teacher is on maternity leave. Sakurai-sensei teaches English, the one subject that she sucked at and it seems that Sakurai-sensei isn’t cutting her any slack just because she’s the school prodigy who have gotten perfect scores on almost every subject. Thus begins her extra English lessons with Sakurai-sensei everyday after school.

Sakurai-sensei is every student’s favourite teacher for his friendliness and his down-to-earth nature, that is, except for Uni who hated his every guts and thinks that he is acting inappropriately for a teacher. All that aside, the one and only good thing about Sakurai that she likes is his good looks and whenever she’s out his sight, she sings praises on how good looking he is – that’s a tsundere* for you.

As expected of a shoujo manga (and one on teacher-student relationship), the teacher does few good deeds for the benefit of the student and the student falls for the teacher. Of course, to lengthen the story, antagonists and some twists are added into the mix so as to show us that just because both parties have realised their feelings for each other doesn’t mean that their relationship will be smooth sailing.


Honest to God, the first thought that came to my mind before I picked this manga up is how pretty the cover art is even though I knew that it’s going to be like any other shoujo manga that I’ve read (and trust me, teacher-student relationship isn’t uncommon in shoujo manga world) and that I’m just going to read yet another recycled material on teacher-student relationship. But somehow, I just can’t stop reading this manga and heck, I wanna read more of this. Hmm…I kinda like this despite the recycled plotlines and its lack of realism.

If you’re sick of typical shoujo manga clichés, stay out of this one as there’s nothing new about it. However, if you’re into teacher-student relationship, Kinkyori Renai is not to be missed (although there are better ones out there).


Other shoujo mangas/oneshots (and a manhwa) on teacher-student relationship that I’ve come across (in no particular order):

Koi-Moyou – It’s a compilation of unrelated romantic stories but there’s one (or two?) on teacher-student relationship.

Oresama Teacher – As of volume 3, I’ve yet to detect any romantic feelings between the former delinquent teacher and the ex-yankee member student though I have the feeling that there’s gonna be a love triangle between them and another ex-yankee male student. It’s mostly comedy. Definitely one of my favourite manga.

Tsuyogari – A teacher-student oneshot by mangaka of the infamous Arakure (Wild Ones). Interesting read for a oneshot.

Otona Pink – Due to some circumstances, the teacher had to live in the student’s house. At first the student seems to dislike her teacher very much but slowly she warmed up to him and subsequently, she falls for him although she knew that he still can’t forget someone.

7th Period is a Secret – Cute and clichéd. That’s all I can say.

7th Period Rhapsody – By Tanaka Meca. Like Kinkyori Renai, the female student doesn’t seem too fond of the teacher at first but falls for him in the end. The female student here isn’t a tsundere though.

Chocolate Cosmos – Same ole, same ole, if you get what I mean. Got bored of this one.

Kiss (Matsumoto Tomo) – A romance between a female student and her piano teacher.

Sugar Family – The student in question just found out that her new stepbrother (when her mom remarries) is also a teacher in her school.

Sensei – By the mangaka of Koukou Debut. Haven’t read this one yet but the reviews it has gotten are positive.

Beautiful Fascination Is Better Than Love – A manhwa by Lee Hyeon-Sook (Flowers of Evil) and it centres on a female teacher and her male high school student. Not a bad read but doesn’t leave much impression on me.

Faster Than a Kiss – Yet another Tanaka Meca work that features teacher-student relationship except that in this case, the student is secretly married to her teacher due to some circumstances. Interesting read.

Help!! (Fujiwara Kiyo) – One of Fujiwara-sensei’s older work (before Arakure). This one features a female medical student who falls in love with her teacher. A must-read if you’re a fan of Fujiwara Kiyo.


*Tsundere (From Urban Dictionary):

Tsundere is a slang born on the Internet, and it is a word to describe the nature of female anime or game characters. Tsundere is a word combining two words, "Tsun Tsun" and "Dere Dere". Both terms describe attitudes of a person. "Tsun Tsun" is used for cold/blunt/curt attitude, while "Dere Dere" is used when a person becomes spoony in front of his/her lover.


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