[Manhwa] 100% Perfect Girl : …and they lived happily ever after

Just when I thought that it was going to end, yet another drama begins and it is worst yet for both Jay and Jarte as Jay got kidnapped and suffered from amnesia along the way. Being an amnesiac, she has no recollection of her real identity nor her love for Jarte. Stuff happens, she met a a guy or two and falsely fallen for one. After all that drama (which annoys me), Jarte finally found her but still, even after seeing his face, Jay doesn’t remember ever knowing (or even in love with) someone as handsome as Jarte. That’s when Jarte’s anger and possessiveness got the better of him – he forcefully retrieve Jay back to his country and confined her.

Couple of chapters later, he let her go and she did. Off she went to New York, made new friends and made a name for herself in the artistic world. Both of them seems to have gotten just fine without having each other nearby until another drama unfolds. I don’t quite remember what was the drama about but if I do remember correctly, it has something to do with Jay’s family. One thing led to another and Jarte came into the picture again and this time around, he’s not about to let the love of his life go again. So, he made a deal with Jay – Jay is to serve as his possession for the rest of her life in exchange for something (which I don’t remember). Jay agreed to the deal and thus begins her life in the royal palace being threatened by Jarte and being forced upon by him. Blah blah blah…the drama doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

Somehow, during her period of “captivity”, her feelings for Jarte resurfaced and as Lennox put it, she’s suffering from Stockholm Syndrome but no, Jay insisted that it is love.

As unrealistic as that goes, she went back to Jarte’s arms and they got married (as they should have right from the beginning before the series gets too draggy). In the series’ final epilogue, Jay is spotted with a slight bump on her stomach and you know what this means…

~The end of the series~


Finally, the drama ends and here I am thinking that this series is probably going on forever. Dramas and more drama…one after another as I read the manhwa. When I found out that the series has reached the end, I was elated and proceeded in reading it from where I’ve left till the end. Hate the dramas, but love the art and then there were chibi drawings here and there to lessen the tension amidst all the drama and angst. As much as I dislike all the drama, I do like how the series ends…a “happily ever after” kind of ending. That’s me, I can’t stand drama and tragedies.

My thoughts: Jarte is one heck of a sex maniac (only if it’s with Jay of course). That seems to be the only impression that I’ve gotten from the last three volumes of the drama-laden series.

Note: Image taken from Net Comics site.


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