Of Tegami Bachi, Kobato, Fairy Tail, and then some

What does the abovementioned animes have in common? For starters, they did not meet my expectations. Certainly there are some who find them interesting but I for one find them rather bland and I’m just not into it like I am into Darker Than Black, Gundam 00 (my current obsession), Bleach, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, just to name a few.

Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee)

Letter Bees are responsible in delivering letters (of any form) safely to their intended destinations regardless of their location. Even if there are possible dangers, Letter Bees still have to perform their duty. As such, the stamps (for letter bees’ service) is expensive and is not affordable. Gauche Suede is one such letter bee. In order to have a better life for his sister, Sylvette he aims to be the best among the letter bees and getting promoted to the “head bee”.

Lag Seeing was only a kid of not more than 12 (I think) when Gauche found him as a letter to be delivered. Apparently his mother has been kidnapped and he is to be delivered to his aunt’s place at another province. Gauche did as his duty dictated and he is never heard again (as of episode 6). Fast forward a couple of years, Lag is all grown-up in his teens aspiring to be a letter bee just as Gauche with the goal of finding his missing mother (and possibly Gauche?) in mind.

My Thoughts: I thought that it is rather dull. Plot-wise, it does look interesting at first glance but after watching a couple of episodes, it still doesn’t interest me much.


As you probably know, Kobato is basically a human-like girl with unknown origins going around healing people’s wounded feelings in order to fill the mysterious bottle so as her wish to go to this particular place fulfilled. Accompanying her in her mission is Ioryogi, a talking blue-coloured stuffed toy. Along the way, she met Fujimoto who is annoyed with her naivety.

My thoughts: Kobato aka Dobato is annoying though at some point she is indeed likeable. Major annoyance about her – her naivety. Still following the series but I feel that Kobato is pale in comparison with Tsubasa and xxxHolic (which are my favourite CLAMP works). However, I’m quite certain that I’ll see it till the end though I wouldn’t give a second look after that.

Fairy Tail

Set in a wizarding land, this series follows the tale of Lucy and Natsu and their adventures as part of the Fairy Tail Guild.

My thoughts: I’ve read reviews that says the anime version is not as good as its manga counterpart. If you ask me, I wouldn’t know for sure as I have yet to read the manga. Had wanted to read it but seeing as it’s now on its 17th volume I feel kinda lazy to start reading it and now that the anime adaptation is out, I might just toss the idea of reading the manga completely. Speaking of the anime adaptation, so far so good I guess? Interesting characters and there are plenty of humours throughout the series (I especially like Gray who always go commando randomly) to keep me entertained.

P.S.: Is it me or does Loki kinda looks like Ichigo from Bleach with his orange hair?

Miracle Train

The bishounen characters of this anime are basically characterizations of Japan’s Oedo train line. Random facts about Japan’s infamous Oedo train line popped up every now and then.

My thoughts: Can this be considered as a reverse harem? There may be bishounens in it but I still find it dull at times. Come on, only selected female passengers get to board a train where there are no one else around but the five bishounens who represent Oedo line? What’s more, these bishounens will help in solving the selected passenger’s woes? Oh well…I’ll give this another go since I’m fond of bishounens.


In regards to this year’s fall anime, my “main course” has to be Darker Than Black 2 and Kimi ni Todoke while the ones mentioned above are what I would considered as side dishes or dessert, if you will. Bad metaphor, I know!

P.S.: Winter is approaching (my country doesn’t have four seasons though, it’s sunny all year long!) and I have already set my eyes on certain animes scheduled to be aired sometime around January next year.


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