[Anime] Darker Than Black 2 – Episode 7

Much of this week’s episode is focused on rescuing July or rather, the spotlight is on July in this episode.

Hei and co. are currently in Hokkaido en route to Tokyo but doing so wouldn’t be easy as their enemies are hot on their heels trailing their every move. On top of that, one of their enemy (the Russian intelligence?) even dispatched their best contractor, Ilya Sokoloff to capture them. Best contractor my foot!

With no other choice at hand, Hei enlisted “help” from the underworld which proves to be quite costly and as they say, crooks will be crooks; even if you pay them well, there are chances that they might go against you when they sense opportunity to reap more profit from you.


In order to deceive the law enforcers (and enemies), Hei disguises himself (to the point of non-recognisable) as a grieving father who has just lost his son (July) and is bringing the body back home together with his daughter (Suou). Driving the hearse would be the woman that Hei hired to get them out of Hokkaido without being caught. Little did he know that this woman have a plan of her own.

Halfway through the journey, one of the tyre of the car that Hei drove burst while the woman drove away. It seems that the whole thing was planned by the woman that Hei hired earlier on and from the very beginning, her goal is to get the doll, July and then sell it to the highest bidder. Hei was all-prepared to simply let July go but Suou is adamant at getting July back at all costs and seeing as Hei is not about to budge, she quickly leaped on a moving truck to get to the place where July is being held with the help of July’s observation ghost (I wonder, how does she recognise it as July’s? The all look the same to me. Oh well, it’s probably because she’s a contractor that she is able to see and differentiate each observation ghosts).


So, she got to the place and remembering what Hei had taught her, she collects several pieces of broken glasses as her weapon so as to not draw police’s attention by firing shots. Sure enough, the two-faced woman is there, stripping July off his clothing and making phone calls (presumably to potential doll buyers). While Mao distract the enemy, Suou made the move to secure July, wounding the enemy with shreds of glasses in the process. Had Mao not stop her, she would have become a murderer.


Alas, their victory is stopped short with the arrival of the so-called best contractor (whom I assume to be Ilya Sokoloff) sent to retrieve Hei and co. The new arrival proved to be quite an opponent since he is able to control a person’s mind at will and kill within seconds. The moment Suou looked into his eyes, she is rendered defenseless. It appears that as part of his remuneration, he has to draw something as in drawing something, usually grotesque drawings of dead women on a piece of paper.


As they were driven away by the enemy, Hei came to the rescue. Evidently, his lack of contractor powers did not deter him from overcoming the powerful opponent touted to be one of the best contractor (Hei still has it after all despite losing his contractor powers; he’s called the black reaper for a reason). And so, a contractor had died that night as signified by a falling star.

On another note, it seems that Suou’s dad, Dr. Pavlichenko and her brother, Shion is alive somewhere…with a bigger plan in mind and something tells me that Shion is on to something much, much more sinister than that (me thinks that at the end of this series, Suou will have a faceoff with her beloved twin brother, Shion.).


My thoughts: It seems to me that Suou is still very much humane even though she is now a full-fledged contractor as she cares deeply for July even though Hei and Mao told her that July is just an emotionless doll. She refused to believe that and insisted to July that he should just say what he feels. As for July, even if he is in pain, his emotions will not show on his face. Heck, regardless of the situation, he will always wear his poker face (remember the time Hei had to literally “force” him to put on a smiley face? Priceless…lol). At the end of this episode, when Suou pinched his face he retaliated and says that he is in pain. He is not that emotionless as everyone thinks after all.


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