[J-Drama] Untouchable

Stumbled upon this j-drama when searching for another.

Two reasons why I would want to watch this series – Nakama Yukie (of Gokusen fame) and the series’ plotline that has investigative element (which I’m fond of these days) in it.

Fresh from being fired from her last job as a journalist at a first-rate publisher, Narumi Ryoko (Nakama Yukie) now finds herself working for a third-rate trashy tabloid going after scandals and juicy gossips involving celebrities and well-known public figures. Still, her righteousness and integrity as a journalist is intact but ironically, it was her righteousness and integrity as a journalist that got her fired from her last job. To Narumi, what matters most in her job is truth and she’ll stop at nothing in obtaining them even if it means putting her life at risk though she does not realise it herself. Occasionally, her brother who works in the police department assists her by providing inputs from the case that he’s working on.

As for her personal life, it is quite obvious that she has none. Currently, she’s living at her brother’s place (both parents have passed on) and has no boyfriend nor that she has many friends. She did had a boyfriend (Kaname Jun) when she was still working on her last job but have since broken up due to her untrusting nature and paranoia – she actually engaged a private investigator to snoop around to check if he is cheating on her and the result returned negative. Her then boyfriend found out about it and needless to say, he dumped her. Due to work, she often runs into her ex-boyfriend (the one she hired PI to snoop on) who is currently working at the first-rate publisher that she was working at before she got fired.

Judging from the first and second episode, one can tell that Narumi is on to something much bigger than your average gossips and scandals; and it involves a dangerous cult. The further she delve into the matter, the more truth she uncovered but at the expense of her life. Even her boss discourage her from digging any deeper but she still stands firmly by her principle. To her annoyance, part of her articles is edited and omitted by her boss without her knowledge. The reason given to her is that the publisher’s main sponsor said so. At this point, it is safe to say that the sponsor is probably related to the secret cult that she’s investigating on.


Image and info from Drama Wiki.


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