Kuroshitsuji Chapter 39: That Butler, Astonishment

This chapter marks the beginning of a new arc. It’s a murder case and one that happens right under our favourite Earl, Ciel Phantomhive’s nose.

A party was hosted at the Phantomhive manor, attended by industry’s bigwigs and potential investors. Among the attendees is one eye specialist and a budding writer, Arthur (he looks tad familiar. I think he has appeared previously though I don’t remember which arc, nor the chapter). Amongst the VIPs, Arthur is somewhat overshadowed and none of them even bother to get acquainted with him except for the party’s host, Ciel who shows interest in his literary work published in commoner’s magazine. As they chatted away about their common interest in literature, a commotion broke out when one of the guest, Georg Von Siemens tried to have his way with Irene Diaz the opera singer. Just as he was about to splash a glass of water on Irene, Ciel came in at the most inopportune moment and was splashed instead of Irene. For a moment, the commotion seemed to have come to a halt but tension rises again when Irene’s beau, Grimsby Keane made an attempt to assault Siemens who came on to his woman by throwing a bottle of wine at him. Just at the right moment, Sebastian caught the bottle of wine and poured its content over the tower of champagne glasses that appeared out of nowhere. Indeed, Sebastian isn’t one hell of a butler for nothing. And so, the situation is contained successfully (and not to mention, beautifully) and the merrymaking continues until late in the night.

The party ended at around midnight (as indicated by the clock on page 34) and the guests retire for the night in the guest rooms prepared by the Phantomhive household. Meanwhile, the Phantomhive servants are cleaning up the remains of the party when Siemens called for them. With reluctant feeling, Meilin and Sebastian made it to his room wondering what would Siemens want with them in the middle of the night. As they approached Siemens’ room, loud screaming voice (which I assumed to be Siemens’) can be heard from the inside. The door was locked from the inside and with not much choice at hand, Sebastian proceeded in kicking the door down by force and there lies Georg Von Siemens dead remain with both his eyes still open.

Judging from Siemens’ interactions with other guests, we can deduce that among the guests, Grimsby Keane is possibly the main suspect what with his earlier outburst when the deceased made a move on his lover, Irene. Then again, the motive for murder could be due to business competitions and this makes other guests who are in the similar industry possible suspects too.

Seeing as a crime has been committed, I expect that in the next chapters to come, Ciel and co. will be playing detective (this explains why Ciel is cosplaying Sherlock Holmes in the cover of GFantasy) sniffing out the murderer from the party guests. Sounds like a scene from Agatha Christie (and various of other well-known detective stories) novels to me but with a devilish twist to it.


Note: This post is written based on Kuroshitsuji chapter 39 scanlated by Bleach Asylum. Many thanks to them for making it possible for non-Japanese speaking fans to read latest Kuroshitsuji chapters before the official English translation is available.


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