[Anime] Darker Than Black 2 – Episode 8

The enemies are quickly catching up with Hei and co. – they are now on the same train as Hei with plans of capturing them alive. As Hei goes out with the purpose of buying some food for them, the enemy made their move in apprehending him and at the same time, Tanya is deployed to the room where Suou and July are currently hiding at, waiting for Hei’s return. To lure Suou out of the room, Tanya uses her power and within seconds, cockroaches swarm the room forcing Suou to open the door. The moment she stepped out of the room, Tanya’s accomplice punched her on the solar plexus knocking her down unconscious while Tanya covers July’s face with a cloth laced with chloroform rendering him unconscious.

Meanwhile, after he got himself apprehended by the enemy, Hei finds himself facing the enemy (not quite sure what’s his name), eating to his heart’s content after accepting his enemy’s offer (to order any food that he likes). It appears that his appetite is back (if you recall, back in season 1, Hei is quite a glutton and is able to down bowls of noodles more than an average human could).

The enemy proposed that Hei join their side and assist them in their missions but the proposition was quickly struck down by Hei without much thought. At this point, the real reason behind Yin’s capture is also revealed – it is found out that strings of contractors have died of suicide and it’s all Yin’s doing. Apparently Yin has the power to make contractors commit suicide. With that kind of power, it’s no wonder every organisation would want to get their hands on her. 

As if knowing that it won’t be easy convincing the legendary black reaper to join their ranks, the enemy threatened to blow off the train should Hei rejects their proposal. In response to the threat, Hei gave him a piece of his mind saying that there’s no way a man who couldn’t avenge his niece who was killed by a contractor (one named Ilya Sokoloff) would have the courage carry out his threat. Sensing an opening, Hei swiftly struck the enemy’s right hand with a fork causing quite a commotion in the train.

Amidst the chaos, Tanya was instructed to leave the train with Suou and July. Suou fought back and began running as fast as she could while being pursued by Tanya. Hei caught up just in time to take down the big guy who was with Tanya and instructed Suou to keep running while he takes care of the rest.

No matter how fast or how far she ran, without using her power, Suou is no match for Tanya in her contractor mode. In desperation, her contractor “switch” automatically turns on by itself and we see Suou aiming her rifle at Tanya but not without hesitation in her part. With her rifle aiming to shoot, memories of them together began to flood and while she “drowns” herself in her memories momentarily, Tanya was shot but certainly not by her.


Convinced that she has done it, Suou began to crumble. Hei then consoled her by saying that had she not pull the trigger, she would be dead by now but instead of consoling her, he had pissed her – Suou said that what Hei has just said to her contradicts what he had told her previously when she was about to take down Tanya back in episode 4 or 5 (don’t remember which). If it wasn’t for Hei, she would have pulled the trigger back then. They have a fallout and they each go their own way and oddly enough, July chose to stay with Suou and Mao has no choice but to follow her as well.

As Suou and Hei leave the scene going their separate ways, the actual shooter is revealed to be Shion, Suou’s twin brother. Hmm…they both have the similar contractor powers. Is it a twins thingy? This show is definitely getting interesting with each new revelation.


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