[Anime] Miracle Train Episode 9

Miracle Train is all about bishounens representing Oedo Line stations helping female passengers solving their problems. With that being said, only female passengers are able to board the so-called Miracle Train, one at a time.

Since the first episode, we’ve seen various female passengers from a young girl pining for her late father to typical office ladies and honestly, it’s boring me out if the series is gonna stay that way till its last run. But then in the seventh episode (I think), an irregularity happened on the train where the train seems to be traveling in warped space without receiving any passengers and no one (including the mysterious masked conductor) seems to know what’s going on and in the ninth episode, yet another irregularity happened where a male passenger boarded the train due to confusion at the ticket machine. One thing’s certain is that this guy is not without problem. With no other choice at hand, all the stations lend their hands in helping their first male passenger albeit reluctantly (at first), solving his problem.

Getting this guy to talk about his problem is a feat, let alone getting him to reveal the real problem that somehow got him into the train in the first place. And so, after much coaxing, this guy reveal his utmost secret – he is into anything that girls would consider as cute. He is so into it that he decorated his room with cutesy items that he purchased with the paycheck that he received every month and is accumulating since his first paycheck. Who knew that an ordinary-looking guy like him would have these cutesy items?

There’s no way for him to leave the train if his problem remain unsolved. The stations then each gave their opinions and point of views on his problem and after the whole discussion (and crazy role-play by the stations), this guy decided to keep the other side of him hidden forever only to change his mind after his cute items are being removed one by one from his room. As advised by the Oedo Line stations, he decided to come clean to his girlfriend and as it turned out, his girlfriend doesn’t mind at all. In fact, she too, loves cute stuffs, which is great as they both share the same interest. A match made in heaven, as he puts it before he leaves the train.


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