[Manga] Junjou Romantica: Junjou Egoist Act 14

This chapter reminds me why I like Junjou Egoist couple the best compared to the rest. Their love for each other can be sweet at times. Nowaki displays his love and affection to Hiroki openly even though Hiroki is as stubborn as a mule where his pride is concerned. As stubborn and proud as he may be, he loves Nowaki more than he had thought and more than often he would show his proof of affection towards Nowaki in his own ways.

Junjou Egoist Act 14

It’s Nowaki’s birthday and Hiroki has reserved a table at an expensive restaurant for that occasion but unfortunately due to work, Nowaki is not able to make it and thus, their “date” is cancelled indefinitely. And so, being pissy-pissed, he head over to a bookstore and ended up buying more books than he had expected. Apparently, he tends to buy more books than necessary when he’s mad or angry about something.

As Hiroki was about to enter his home, Nowaki’s sempai (senior) at work showed up with a special “delivery”. According to him, Nowaki was swamped with work but for some reason, he seems distant and doesn’t perform as well as he should while at work and this is not good especially if it involves a patient’s life. Needless to say, the source of Nowaki’s worry is Hiroki and the fact that he blew off a special date prepared specially for him by Hiroki saddens him.

He is more than willing to let Nowaki stay at his place for a night, Nowaki’s sempai said but then, it wouldn’t do any good since Hiroki would get all jealous about it. Well, true enough, judging from the past experiences. Remember the time Hiroki caught him and his sempai on the floor, half-naked sleeping next to each other? Ah, I remember that one. I even remember that Hiroki got caught up with his jealousy (albeit unconsciously on his part) that he declared that Nowaki belongs to him in front of everyone at the hospital when he saw Nowaki’s sempai all over him.

They got in the house, talked, and then needless to say, smex ensues, or rather, a sweet love-makin’, I would say.

And the next day, Nowaki’s sempai showed up with cheese cakes and wine to celebrate Nowaki’s birthday after finding out about it from the nurses at the hospital. Lol. May peace be with them but sadly, some things are just not meant to be 🙂


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