[Anime] Darker Than Black 2 – Episode 9

The Suou camp (July and Mao) are on the train heading to some place (presumably in search for her long-lost mother). It appears that Suou is unwell, possibly due to fever and/or flu and she passed out on the train. Fortunately for them, they met two good Samaritans (one of them happens to be a certain private investigator’s sidekick) who brought her home and nurse her back to health.

Elsewhere, Hei is cleaning himself up, loses his beard and trims his hair. I must say, now that he’s clean-shaven, he looks so much better…more like his old-self which I like best. At this point, it looks like he has already a plan in mind.

Meanwhile, Suou has woken up and has since recovered from flu only to find herself in a weird room (obviously the room belongs to an extreme otaku). The owner of the room is none other than the comical PI’s sidekick (not sure what’s her name) who first appeared in the first season. She’s then dressed up in costume-y clothes that any normal human beings wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing though she might not have realise it since she’s from Russia and has probably not heard of the fad where extreme otakus dressed up in their favourite anime character’s costume.

All the cosplaying aside, Suou revealed her intentions of finding her mother and in order to help her achieve her goal in finding her mother, she is referred to our resident PI. He operates as a professional PI and if there’s no money involved, he’s not gonna do the job, or so he said. Suou then offered him some cash and thus begins their search for her mother.

This PI may look shady at first but he does a fine job in obtaining information on Suou’s mother’s whereabouts but more than often, his information led them to weird places (namely, a cat cafe).

As Suou hung out at the rooftop of a building while the PI talks to a motel manager, this mysterious woman appeared before Suou and told her that her mother will be arriving at the airport at 8pm that night. As much as she wants to meet her mother, is there other people whom she would very much like to meet more than her, the mysterious woman asked. Instantly, images of her father and Shion appeared and oddly enough, Hei’s face appeared in her head at the thought of who she want to see the most. At this point, it has become much more evident that Suou is in love with Hei.

At some place else, around the same time, Hazuki and Youko are on a mission when Hazuki’s grandfather appeared. At Hazuki’s grandfather’s appearance, Youko proceeded in waiting for them outside to give them the space that they need to talk things out.

Hazuki’s family’s business requires them to go underground (yakuza business?) but Hazuki does not agree with the way her grandfather forces her to do the same. They had a falling out which resulted in her grandfather disowning her from the family and ever since then she has not look back especially after she became a contractor. But this time around, the reason her grandfather meet up with her is to persuade her to at least see her ailing mother for one last time before it is too late.

While Hazuki and her grandfather had a chat in the room, a man approached Youko and had her followed him and this man is none other than Hei. The folks at Section 9 got the wind of it and proceeded in capturing Hei but they are no match for BK-201 aka the Black Reaper even after he loses his power. At this point, the reason why Hei kidnapped Youko is not clear yet but in my opinion, it is possible that Hei wants to regain back his contractor powers and the one person who might know just how is Youko.

On Suou’s side, she managed to meet up with her mother at the airport and had quite a tearful and emotional reunion. At the sight of a touching mother-daughter reunion, the PI left the scene and doesn’t seem to have much desire left to demand for his consultation fees.

But alas, Suou’s happiness doesn’t last long. When her mother calls her Shion, she insisted that she’s Suou. Upon hearing that she is in fact Suou, she broke down and said that there’s no way that she is Suou as Suou is dead.


What on earth is going on here? Didn’t she recognize her own daughter or is there more to it than what it seems? Then again, if her father, Mikhail Pavlichenko can come back to life when it is obvious that he’s dead, I don’t see why it is not possible that Suou is brought back to life but still, it sounds utterly ridiculous!

Another thing is, Kirihara mentioned Izanami and Izanagi. Initially I thought that Izanami refers to Yin but now I’m not so sure. Could she be referring to Shion and Suou? Just a thought…


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